KoG w/ Magnets I can't believe they aren't tier one bc omg they're so fun and op

2022.01.22 17:29 lil_ouuuu KoG w/ Magnets I can't believe they aren't tier one bc omg they're so fun and op

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2022.01.22 17:29 throwrathepoet My(f30) Fiance(m32) threw a glass-breaking tantrum after his coworkers surprised him with a cake for his birthday at a restaurant. Now he's refusing to go back to work

TL;DR: My fiance threw a glass and cursed out his coworkers at a restaurant after they surprised him with a cake for his birthday, and he has since refused to go back to work too. He also began disparaging his coworkers online while referring to them as "ex-coworkers" too, and he said he plans to take a "few months off from working" too
I told him (Tom) that I needed some space after what he did, and I'm currently writing this at my friend's place. We've been together for six years, but what happened at the restaurant was the first time he's done something like this. Long story short, the department he works in (office job) reserved a few tables at a restaurant for a delayed holiday party due to covid in December, and it was there that they decided to surprise him with a cake while singing happy birthday. We don't work at the same job, but there were other wives there too
In the past, Tom told me that he didn't like celebrating himself due to personal reasons. So, whenever his birthday would come around, we'd go out for dinner and have cake at home with just us. However, after they finished singing, he just looked so angry and smashed a glass on the table before yelling the f-word at his boss and a few others and storming away from the table. I followed him after he left, but he insisted we were leaving and went straight to the car while muttering curses under his breath. When I asked him why he reacted that way, he said it made him "anxious and really uncomfortable", but when I asked if he ever told his job that he didn't want to celebrate his birthday, he said he never did and that he hated the job, the first I ever heard him say that (he's been there for years and always seemed to like it). When I told him that I disagreed with his reaction and that they probably didn't mean any harm, he said they "should've known" how he felt about his birthday despite never telling them and has refused to go back to work since
He stayed home for two days and said he "wasn't going back" and told me to uninvite his coworkers from the wedding too. But, when I asked what he plans to do if he's not working, he said he was gonna "take a few weeks off" to "recover", but never told anyone at the job about it and has been ignoring calls too. I told him that I needed a day or so to reconsider at my friend's house, and he said "it'd be good for me because I don't seem to be supporting him". I disagree with the tantrum and immaturity, and I'm currently reconsidering everything. I just need help about how to tell him that I don't want to continue when he won't go to work for "a few months" when I last asked him. He's also started to talk about his coworkers on his socials while referring to them as "ex-coworkers", and I'm afraid he might start disparaging me online too. I never saw this side of him until the party, but he said that the surprise was "traumatizing for him" and that he didn't want to talk to a professional either
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2022.01.22 17:29 MysteriousAspie Eagle nest doesn’t soar

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2022.01.22 17:29 FrozenPopcornMaster Isn't this MESMERIZING? (Region: Viridian Woods, City Straussburg Isles)

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2022.01.22 17:29 WeimarRepublic Dreyer’s adding jobs, raising starting wage

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2022.01.22 17:29 Waittt___what Id help? Lil guy can’t climb very well. Utah-based. He’s smart cause he keeps moving to corners that I can’t access very well. these are the best shots I could get.

Id help? Lil guy can’t climb very well. Utah-based. He’s smart cause he keeps moving to corners that I can’t access very well. these are the best shots I could get. submitted by Waittt___what to spiders [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:29 TheQMon A friend's dad was "let go due to performance" which is not true. Best course of action?

So, before I continue with this dilemma, I do not want to make this a race issue but it is a factor.
Friend's date was "let go due to performance". Both managers said it was the reason for his termination. This issue is now, 1) he is owed commission from pending sales. He does not get paid until the product gets delivered to the customers house. 2) He is one of the top 3 salesman in the store. So he was baffled and literally laughed when they said he was fired due to performance. 3) He was told to sign documents when he was told verbally that he is being let go. He refused and both the managers didn't know what to say or do.
It was one of the Leon's store in the GTA and the entire staff and managers are all Indian that speak Hindi. His dad is Caucasian and a former Sears top gun that sold millions and known in the furniture Industry. He recently got picked up by Leon's competitor instantly and the man is a straight arrow with so much integrity. Much of the drama came from the fact that the sales people there would speak Hindi and coordinate to reduce his sales or give him "customers" that weren't customers. He even discovered so many attempts to steal his sales or part of his commission. Half his energy was just dealing with the internal politics and drama.
He was five months into the job. Got hired by one of the Leon's heirs. He is currently considering getting an employment lawyer but doesn't know what that will do for him. His primary concern is getting the commission he is owed which is probably being manipulated as we speak.
Do you think getting a lawyer is worth it for him or for him to move on.
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2022.01.22 17:29 MaxErikson My headcanon for the Paper Mario universe

Everything I’ve listed below is part of my headcanon, nothing I believe is actually canon. I tried my best putting in anything I think could make a solid theory—something that could be canon. There is nothing here that I think is actually canon. Due to its more story-driven nature, Paper Mario doesn't leave as much to the imagination as the Super Mario and Super Mario Bros. series, but I still thought of a few things.
Spoiler for the ending of Thousand-Year Door included.
The events of almost every game are about a month apart, meaning about six months have passed from Paper Mario 1 to The Origami King (although it kind of seems like the last three games are set in a different universe from the first three games, but that’s a bit more of a theory than headcanon).
Mario’s occupation as ‘plumber’ isn’t what you normally think of. His job involves working on warp pipes, which is a very high profile job in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Goombario is only three to five years old, but Goombas age faster than humans. He was born shortly after the first time Mario saved the Mushroom Kingdom.
Koopa Troopa Jr. is Kammy Koopa’s grand-nephew.
A big part of Bowser’s personality is that he treats his plans like games, and looks forward to defeating his enemy in an epic showdown. This is why Bowser didn’t just go after Mario himself when he found out he was still alive in Paper Mario 1—he wanted Mario to get all seven Star Spirits so he could use his secret weapon against him.
The Shadow Queen was born from the negative emotions of a deceased Star Kid.
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2022.01.22 17:29 emptycenter Friend and I plan a bike trip to Northern Scotland early/mid May. Should I be worried about midges?

A friend and I are planning a bike trip in Northern Scotland in mid/late May-early June. We want to bike around Skye and Lewis and then head up to Orkney. We plan to stay in hostels or BnBs but take a tent if we can't find lodging. I am genuinely worried about midges. Should I be at this time of year in these areas? Any advice?
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2022.01.22 17:29 5igorsk Доброго субботнего вечера, Живущие!) Вид на гору Бештау с горы Машук

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2022.01.22 17:29 PoofMoof1 She can almost always be found in her favorite spot

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2022.01.22 17:29 broseatactivities Reading a television show

I’m pretty skied right now. Anybody else have to repeatedly stop a tv show just to read the closed captioning because it’s going to fast?
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2022.01.22 17:29 GTuF21 declaration of love

Hey guys, I fell in love with my best friend. How can I confess to her so as not to ruin friendships?
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2022.01.22 17:29 crytoloover تطالع عيال صغيرين ونبيع وندي امين؟ #بتلر #metapets #shibainu #

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2022.01.22 17:29 Ok-Food-4750 alt+tab nesrin sayesinde gece izlicem videoları daha hızlı seçiyorum :)

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2022.01.22 17:29 SimplyNot0 I liked the LED mods so much, I decided to do it myself.

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2022.01.22 17:29 aufybusiness Hello everyone

I've always been called autistic or artistic, seems interchangeable comment for anyone trying to understand me. I'm UK, so not persuing a diagnosis anymore, as I've been through some of it , and I don't see the point anymore cos I'm older now. It's difficult for me to even call the doctor and get brushed off. I've got to many physical stuff to deal with right now, I find it hard to even call them about that. It's like catch 22. I spend weeks or months building up to a call, only to get dismissed yet again. 40 freaking 8 now. Sorry rant
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2022.01.22 17:29 Spacenobel Size does matters ok…..

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2022.01.22 17:29 Defaultplayer001 Anyone know a good source of replacement PSP battery covers?

Ordered 5 of the ones from China a while ago, but only one of them even first. And only mostly at that.
Looking at reviews, it seems others have had a real "hit or miss" experience too.
Would love to know a place to get better ones! (Specifically looking for 3k right now, but would love to know of others too!)
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2022.01.22 17:29 Sweetsosparkle quick sketch of inuyasha in pencils. i cropped the outlines :)

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2022.01.22 17:29 Isbo2000 day 17 of posting here till i forget

ur awesome and ily :)
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2022.01.22 17:29 poeticangels Any tips on analyzing vocal melodies/topline from a song? What would take take note of?

I'm an absolute beginner to songwriting and I want to analyze the vocal melodies from my favorite songs so I can see what makes the melodies good from a music theory perspective.
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2022.01.22 17:29 HappyReference (Mantis) scratch or cracked stem?

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2022.01.22 17:29 MisterRedDead The Swiss Parliament in Bern, before and after getting rid of cars.

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2022.01.22 17:29 tholm65 Need some team help

I recently played through the original cyber sleuth again to work on the platinum trophy and I used a team of mainly the numemon lines for fun. I dubbed them the poo patrol because of their attack. I'm wanting to do so again however I want a little more variety for my megas than just Platnume and PlatSuka. Can anyone tell me if there are others that have similar attack animations. Thanks in advance.
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