aesfz b3asa nyz88 7259k ie72s 8tyf6 zh9br zedz2 eaf48 e2y8z 7f457 h4n58 hnfhs z6z4s h7ss2 nzk9y 97532 39nb4 kkety zdrh7 7t5na What clubs should I avoid? What clubs should I look into? |

What clubs should I avoid? What clubs should I look into?

2022.01.22 18:38 choccychipcookies1 What clubs should I avoid? What clubs should I look into?

Title. I’m in a club right now that feels very ‘cliquey’ and based around a central group of friends. I want to join a club that has a positive environment and is very welcoming to new members. If you have a negative experience with a club and don’t feel comfortable commenting the name of it below, feel free to DM me.
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2022.01.22 18:38 Yogutii My hitbox isn't working

so i just bought a hitbox and it doesn't work for some reason, some keys do stuff, some don't, it looks alright, not damaged or anything, anyone knows what might be happening?
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2022.01.22 18:38 ijustbrokemyleg The Breakdance of Death

Geraldo, a 73-year-old man, decides to learn how to fight jiu-jitsu. For no particular reason, just out of curiosity. Geraldo believed he was still young enough to face physical challenges, so he thought of the first sport-related thing to practice: jiu-jitsu.
Geraldo went directly to the first dojo he found. He enrolled on the spot and attended his first class.
During class, all students, mostly children and teenagers, looked at him with curiosity. Was he an assistant to the master, they thought. Could it be that the master was actually the helper and this old man was actually the master? Or was he really a new student who had enrolled in junior high school?
The master, a heavyset who in other times was the head of the drug trade and killed innocent people with his own hands, and now uses his fighting skills to kill even more, stared at him with a look that no one could tell what it meant.
During the first practice, the students formed pairs where they practiced some moves, and Geraldo seemed to have difficulties. The master approached him and tried to explain in more detail the hip movements and so on. Geraldo, tried to do as the master explained, and then...
The entire class was stunned by what they saw. Geraldo was doing breakdancing.

Geraldo couldn't stop and could only scream in terror.
The master tried to hold Geraldo's legs but was kicked away when he touched him, falling on top of one of the smaller students, who broke his arm.
All the students who tried to stop him flew away when they were hit by Geraldo's spinning legs. The master returned very pissed, and tried to use a blow on the old man, but was killed instantly by a kick in the face.
Within hours, the police had arrived at the scene and tried to apprehend Geraldo without success. Reinforcements were called in, and two police officers were wounded. Geraldo, from spinning around on the floor so much, ended up moving out of the dojo, and found himself in the street, surrounded by patrols, and a belt of television channels covering the news:
"Old man takes the life of a jiu-jitsu teacher and does breakdancing non-stop. Two police officers injured."
The news spread quickly over the internet and reached the world. On the same day, Geraldo went viral as the breakdancing grandpa. The absurd story that he killed a jiu-jitsu master, who had more than 30 years of experience, made his death a laughing stock. His family, even before receiving the news of his death, already received death threats, both from internet strangers and from loan sharks and enemies of the master's secret life.
But things started to get serious when the number of injuries started to increase. And the number of bodies.
Hours had passed and Geraldo hadn't stopped breakdancing. He didn't look tired either, as the pace of the turns never changed. It was the same movement where the dancer uses both hands to support the body while rotating the legs 360 degrees around the body. While screaming.
Geraldo had taken the lives of five other police officers who had tried a heavy-handed approach to getting him off the ground. Two broke their necks in contact with his legs, one suffered trauma to the rib cage and did not survive, and two others were thrown violently away and suffered a head injury.
They called negotiators to try to convince him to stop. One after another. And no answer other than "aaaaaah!"
Nobody knew how to stop him.
The TV News started to talk about the case as a constant event, always updating viewers about what happened between one news and another.
The following dawn, Geraldo had traveled 100 meters and hit and shattered the edge of a building into several pieces. The city, upon learning of this, triggered an evacuation of the neighborhood, and then, the only inhabitants of that region became Geraldo and the authorities.
There was an intense court case over the issue of using lethal force on the old man. It was finally decided that they would find a new way to end the situation, or public opinion would turn against this decision. After all, Geraldo was a worldwide sensation, and as far as everyone knew, the deaths were accidental, as he had no control over his body.
Geraldo's case became the target of conspiracy theories, scientific debates and proof of divine forces. Nobody could explain how a 73-year-old man managed to breakdance so long and consistently, almost professionally, and have so much strength to be unstoppable and destroy everything in his path.
The world only talked about Geraldo.
A plan was soon formed to move Geraldo off the streets and into an area free of casualties. A helicopter would arrive with a metal plate measuring 5 meters each side in the direction where Geraldo would move, and then, when he climbed onto the plate, the helicopter would lift him up and take him to a field far from the city, where experts would do more in-depth studies with he is, who knows, more dangerous.
Since Geraldo had no control of the direction he was going, his trajectory was unpredictable, and when the helicopter dropped the metal plate next to him, Geraldo changed course and hit one of the suspension cables, throwing the helicopter into a building like a whip.
From then on, images were no longer broadcast to the public.
The accident shocked the world. It soon became clear to everyone that Geraldo was a real danger, and public opinion allowed radical decisions to be taken.
First, they tried to shoot him down with firearms. The military made a firing squad and unloaded everything on him:
They used rocket launchers:
Geraldo kicked them away.
Out there, no one knew exactly what was going on in the exclusion zone. Any information coming out of there was prohibited. People around the world were demanding news about Geraldo: If he was still dancing breakdancing, if anyone else had died... humanity was taken by a morbid curiosity.
For a month, scientists from all corners of the world, the most brilliant minds of a generation, worked together to solve the Geraldo case.
Tents were extended across the streets where laboratories were set up for analysis. They studied Geraldo as a being from another planet, with the sole purpose of saving the world from this indestructible and unstoppable being.
They checked radiation levels and stuff. Nothing seemed abnormal apart from the obvious. Geraldo was neither hungry nor dehydrated. He neither urinated nor defecated. Didn't sleep, didn't stop. His breathing was steady, his muscles didn't tire, didn't break. It looked like a scratched disc, repeating the same movement over and over again.
The greatest biologists were called in, the greatest physicists, chemists... Analyzed his heartbeat and nervous system with unprecedented long-distance equipment... No conclusions.
During that one month of profound silence, the world changed radically. Extremist groups, who believed that Geraldo had detached from reality, and that the world was a simulation, started a wave of collective suicide. Others caused chaos and violence in the streets.
Some thought it was all a lie invented by the government for whatever reason they came up with. But the real skeptics, the intellectuals, didn't know what to make of this story. It felt like everyone was caught in a cold shower.
Cults were created around Geraldo. Religions were strengthened by the idea that Geraldo was proof of the supernatural, and superstition grew more than ever.
Inevitably, Geraldo caused immense damage to buildings, shops, cars, houses... Wherever he went, destruction was certain. His legs went through concrete like water.
Soon, the armed forces took over the situation again, and continued their war tests on Geraldo.
It wasn't just the neighborhood that was evacuated anymore. The entire city had become an exclusion zone. And from far away, people saw mushroom clouds.
After two atomic bombs failed their purpose, Geraldo started to get faster. His breakdance got faster, his displacement from one point to another got bigger...
With every attempt to stop him, he accelerated. It got more frantic. Geraldo spun faster and faster, until he became a blur.
In a flash, he crossed the ruins of the city and escaped the exclusion zone.
It was carnage. Geraldo zigzagged through the streets, inside houses, inside malls, in parks, and killed and destroyed everything in his path.
No matter what they did, Geraldo got faster and more died...
Wherever they hid, Geraldo would kill them.
He crossed continents taking cities with him.
He destroyed nature wherever he went.
And when there was nothing left to destroy, Geraldo continued dancing...
The Breakdance of Death.
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2022.01.22 18:38 BlakeAgoraphobic ^^

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2022.01.22 18:38 Rachel794 Can someone please help?

I’m looking to deactivate my Reddit account. I feel I really need a break. But for some reason, after I fill out the info and reason for me deactivating, the deactivate button isn’t working. It’s just grayed out where I can’t click on it. I’ve done and said a lot of bad things on here, and really think I need a clean slate.
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2022.01.22 18:38 Razerer92 Near death experience: Woman says she was being pulled into the light: "it was like being slowly sucked into the light"
Some would argue that free will is a thing(i'm on the fence about it) but if you're being pulled into the tunnel then there's no free will.
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2022.01.22 18:38 Rosenku I just played one color shyvana build to make rainbow shyvana

I just played one color shyvana build to make rainbow shyvana I have concluded:
High tier:
Red, Yellow, Purple
Orange, Blue
Conclusion: Buff green Shyvana, full build has to have 2 grievous items
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2022.01.22 18:38 jingsnowfinale Gisadong gisado na!

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2022.01.22 18:38 jababa123 Do I have high BP for my age?

So I took my BP at home after waking up from bed on two different days. Since I took several readings, the average was around 114/80.1. I took several readings because the first one or two tended go be higher because I wasn't relaxed enough into the chair. (The values ranged from 77-81 mostly, with the odd 82 or 83 thrown in. These high values however tended to be earlier in the sequence of measurements than later) I'm 25 years old, male, and weigh 70kg, height 5 ft 5 inches. Until two and a half years ago I was swimming regularly but ever since the pandemic started two years ago I haven't really had any real exercise. On occasion I'd go for a walk once a week or less, but nothing more. After seeing the 80.1 diastolic average I started to worry about the diastolic and so I decided to eat healthy and start exercising. I had been eating out two meals a day for the last 5 months. Generally I would get restaurant Indian food, pizza and restaurant sandwiches a couple times a week, Subway sometimes. On occasion I was getting a salad for a meal. Anyways after seeing the diastolic of 80.1 I stopped that for a day and decided to cut the outside food and eat just salads (without sodium rich dressing), fruits and oatmeal for one day. That morning I went to swim as well. The next morning my BP average was fairly reduced. The diastolic averaged to 74.2. Systolic was probably about 110. Continued this diet and exercise regime for another day and the next morning the BP was even lower: Diastolic averaged to 71.8. It might be helpful to remark that every time I checked my BP on these two days it was after at least 20 hours of having exercised the night before, so it wasn't immediately after. Now does this mean I'm probably okay and it is just my sedentary life for two years combined with eating restaurant food twice a day that I need to control? Or could it be that I have high BP and as expected it is lower with not consuming outside food and with some exercise. I should note that the vast difference was visible within 24 hours of following the regime, so I am hoping I'm actually okay. I'm quite worried about this. I've been following this subreddit for a few days and so I gather that it is normal for BP to reduce when I eat healthy and exercise, but when the BP is normal post that regime within a day, is it a sign that the person is otherwise okay or could their BP be high due to an underlying health issue, and it is only now normal because of the reduction from following a regime for a day? I last had my BP measured in 2019 and it was 112/80 once and 114/77 once that same year. However, I am currently living in a much much colder environment than I was when those measurements were made. Those measurements were made in warm summer in a very warm country. Whereas these recent measurements that I made have been in cold cold winter in a cold country with temperatures almost always between -6 to 0 Celsius. Also those 2019 measurements were when I wasn't sedentary; I was swimming almost every day or every other day. (The only reason I looked into taking my BP at home this year is because I once went to the doc this year for an unrelated health issue that I was extremely extremely stressed about. The measurement read 134/84. However I knew that couldn't have been a representative measurement for me because that day was the most stressed I had ever been in the last three or four years, and also the measurement was taken while I was talking to the nurse and explaining why I was there; also I had no back support and sitting very uncomfortably.) Thank you so very much for reading!
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2022.01.22 18:38 zc5599 I was hacked and the "need more help?" option isn't displaying

I've tried everything. I tried logging in on my phone, the app, and my laptop, and every time after I click "forgot your password" it only gives me the option of sending a link to my phone or email with nothing else on the screen. I can't do either of those things because the hacker disconnected my phone and email from the account.
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2022.01.22 18:38 austinlambert03 Help diagnosing issue with PS5/TV

Ps5 does not show up on tv screen. The tv continuously switches between 1080 and hdr 4k. It never shows the ps screen. If I power off (holding for two beeps) and power on (holding for two beeps) it works normally. My tv is an ‘18 Vizio 4k E65-F1. Just trying to find out if the tv or the ps5 is the issue
Edit: works perfectly once restarted and finally shows up on screen
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2022.01.22 18:38 RevolutionaryWin2450 Proxmox crashes, Chrome freezes

When i open up, a console from a Debian container. Everything freezes instantly. - after 30mins I can log back in.
All other are vm's which can open up console 4mins then freeze also.
Any help? - I have already searched for hours on proxmox forums and Google.
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2022.01.22 18:38 animeAIHOZ The Punishment Force is supposed to be the one who keeps order in the Soul Society and acts from the shadows but they are basically fodders, there is not a single opponent that they have ever beaten in the entire series.

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2022.01.22 18:38 Puzzleheaded-Copy852 Pregnant and feeling judged

I'm 24 yrs old and have been married to my hubby for 6 months now. I am really passionate about my career and am currently doing my postgraduate degree. Besides that I also work full time. My husband is also working, we have a warm home - basically we have everything to have a baby. I am going to be 25 when I have my baby. Since I got engaged pretty young a lot of people have judged me, so I felt pretty sad and alienated from people and my peers because I was weird in their eyes. And now when I am pregnant a lot of reactions have been positive, but I also got a lot of negative ones regarding my age, and how I am going to destroy my career etc as I am in my 'best shape' now, even though I am currently better at my job and have accomplished more than some people that are way older than me. I really take those comments to my heart because I am really happy that I am pregnant, and it hurts when people are judgmental and make me feel like my life is going to be over. It makes me want to isolate myself, quit my job and just have my baby without negative vibes. But we ofc cannot afford that. Thanks for letting me vent, does anyone have similar experiences and how did you cope with judgmental comments? What changed after birth? Thanks.
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2022.01.22 18:38 Tauch19 un classico.

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2022.01.22 18:38 Ok-Manufacturer5353 Looking to trade Pilot Capless nib unit…

I’ve got a Pilot Capless with an F nib, but it’s still a touch too broad for my daily writing (I write small and my planner gets pretty full!), so I’m after an EF nib… is there one one out there with an EF who wishes they had bought an F?
Would prefer to trade with someone on Aus so that postage doesn’t take too long (although, with AusPost at the moment, who knows?!).
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2022.01.22 18:38 condemned777 Anime where the bad guy actually tries to win

Looking for any english dub(will do the subs later) anime where the bad guy is serious about winning and takes every chance to kill the good guys, so no defeating the "hero" then letting him go, no giving him weapons and definitely no coaching him through a battle. Thanks for any help
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2022.01.22 18:38 Comfortable-Ad179 “This Chicken’s Sick!” Saturday doodle by me

“This Chicken’s Sick!” Saturday doodle by me submitted by Comfortable-Ad179 to doodles [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 18:38 nadupo Someone willing to help me ?

Need help with act1 nightmare cant even go to second starting save point can even send you all my decks
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2022.01.22 18:38 politicly1 The super-rich live on a different planet. Their thoughts on US salaries prove it

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2022.01.22 18:38 AdditionalShow6 Watch Live NFL Games @ All Access 🟠 ➤▎ Cincinnati vs Tennessee football Live Stream ✳️ NFL Divisional Round 22 football Live Stream ✳️ Titans vs Bengals football Live Stream ✳️ Bengals vs Titans football Live Stream ✳️NFL 2022➤▎

Watch Live NFL Games @ All Access 🟠 ➤▎ Cincinnati vs Tennessee football Live Stream ✳️ NFL Divisional Round 22 football Live Stream ✳️ Titans vs Bengals football Live Stream ✳️ Bengals vs Titans football Live Stream ✳️NFL 2022➤▎ submitted by AdditionalShow6 to pamakapatena [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 18:38 MR1424 Hi, I'm Penny! I was attacked as a tiny stray kitten. I may have lost an ear, but I gained a family!🤍

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2022.01.22 18:38 primarythrowaway1 Do you legally have to disclose HSV and HPV in Illinois?

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2022.01.22 18:38 Deviantconor Is it just me or is it annoying when the restaurant place bags where we can see them.

I may be missing something here but It would really help if some restaurants would start putting bags down facing us drivers. I spent 20 minutes trying to verify whether an order was ready and couldn’t get anyone to help. They could at least have the bags facing us so we can check the order numbers for ourselves.
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2022.01.22 18:38 xtinamaniac Episode 3 - "SuperSheroes" [RESULTS]

Episode 3 -
Xtina: "Welcome back racers! Tonight, you will ALL be getting critiques! Woo, alright here we go! Starting with... Sudrawkid!"
Automoderator: "Wow, so you ate this up, spat it out and we all had to fight each other for the remains. You delivered GOL`D tonight!"
Turbo: "Sudrawkid! I'll be honest, on an objective level, I shouldn't like this look. However, the storyline you brought and the way you served it on the runway had me DYING! This was hysterical, you really did not miss!!"
Xtina: "Everything about your SuperShero tonight was magical, funny and just so clever. This is truly top tier drag. Well done. Let's move on down to yelloyelps!"
Ana: "Tu superhéroe no era muy bueno. Quiero más esfuerzo de tu parte. Sé que eres capaz de dárnoslo."
Xtina: "Yes, I was a little disappointed, much like Ana. It just didn't shine like some of other others did tonight."
Turbo: "Yello! The look itself is phenomenal, so fucking stunning, but I wasn't entirely sold on your backstory, if im honest. The sillouette is gorgeous, but you really needed a stronger storyline to stay afloat this week."
Xtina: "Let's move on down to Chick_N_Soupe! Wow, another week and another slay for you Chick! This was so good!"
Turbo: "You look INCREDIBLE! I love the asychronology of it, and you didn't fall into the typical go-to aspects of ice powers, but you made a consistent stream of comedy in your backstory that really drew me in!"
Automoderator: "Perfect, brilliant, piss on it, shit on it etc etc. Loved it."
Xtina: "Yas, alright let's move on down to Elias-Salazar! I think last week certainly lit a fire under your ass! This was much better than what you served up last week!"
Turbo: "Elias, your look is so cute! I love the pastels, and it's definitely not a style of look that comes to mind when I think hero, but you sold it! I wish you had a bit more of a fleshed out backstory, but you knew what you wanted to give so it's great to see your comeback from last week!"
Ana: "Estás en la trayectoria correcta, bebé."
Xtina: "Moving on down to alikaoreos! I am disappointed tonight my dear. I wish you would have given us way way more in your look and your backstory. This just isn't cutting it."
Turbo: "Ali, hey! I wish I could like this more, but it seems a little too... on the nose? Like, the look itself is definitely hero, but not exactly creative or extra. I wish you brought more story into it and really pushed it further."
Automoderator: "It was a no from me, sorry doll."
Xtina: "Alright, moving on down to Lisbon_After_Dark! I have one word... well I have three: OH MY GAWD. You served up hot tea tonight baby! Wow, this was SO cleverly done!"
Ana: "Estás brillando como una estrella. ¡Esto fue inteligente y creativo!"
Turbo: "Lisbon, this look is gorgeous! I love the concept, and think it's a really creative take. You blended a funny reference with a couture look, it was overall a success!"
Xtina: "Last but not least, our revolving door reina, SoniqueStanner! This look is very... it's busy, let's just say that. I felt as though you were serving up a supervillain or some kind of creature as opposed to a hero..."
Automoderator: "It was a bit light tonight. We do want more from everyone. I mean look at Sudrawkid, we want THAT kind of effort!"
Turbo: "Sonique, this look is a lot. It honestly caught me off guard, artistically it's beautiful, but I don't know how well a superhero could fight in this. Your backstory needed just a bit more fleshing out, it felt a little scatter brained."
Xtina: "Thank you everyone. Now, based on the judges' critiques, Turbo and I have made some decisions...
Chick_N_Soupe - y'all better check up on Elsa, because that bitch must be frozen in fear!
Elias-Salazar - as Dumbolina, you showed that you really have the ears for talent.
Lisbon_After_Dark - tonight you put the T in Xtravagance, Tenacity, Nerve, Innovation and Audaciousness!
You are all safe and may step to the back of the stage!
Sudrawkid - BIMBO no she better do! Condragulations you are the winner of this week's challenge! You have earned yourself a cash tip of $10,000, courtesy of the Howling app, your premiere vocal and canine yodel synthesiser!"
"Fuck, thank you!" says Sudrawkid.
🏁 Sudrawkid Ahhhhhhhhhh! I can't believe it!
Xtina: "Well done, you may step to the back of the stage.
alikaoreos - tonight your herbal hero was anything but HIGH.
yelloyelps - your Daddy Destroyer left us with a gaping hole––"
Xtina: "Because we wanted more! Goodness me, can we carry on filming please? Alright...
SoniqueStanner - as Scorpino, you did not pinch our interest.
yelloyelps - you are safe. You may step to the back of the stage."
"Holy shit balls," says yelloyelps in a sigh of relief, "That will NOT happen again!"
Xtina: "That means alikaoreos and SoniqueStanner, I am sorry my dears, but you are both up for elimination."
🏁 alikaoreos I totally accept that my material this week was not great, however I do not want to go home. I have way more to give. And I am not going to let this vacuum cleaning obsessed girlie send me home! No WAY.
Xtina: "Two racers stand before me! Prior to tonight, you were both asked to prepare a lipsync performance to Red by Alaska Thunderfuck.
🏁 SoniqueStanner I am gonna fight for my life! Here we GO!
Xtina: "This is your chance to impress us, and save yourself from elimination! The time has come... for you to lipsync for your life! Good luck and don't fuck it up!"
🎶 Red – Alaska Thunderfuck courtesy of PEG Records
🎶 Something in the water / boy you got me seeing colors / Sorry, pardon me, I don’t mean to stare
Ali lifts her arms above her head, rolling her body as she smiles to the lyrics. Sonique starts walking across the stage, flowing the tail behind her as she struts across the stage.
🎶 Drowning in your purple rain / I sink in yellow submarine / And I don't want to come up for air
Ali keeps kicking, strutting bouncily across the stage, her garment bouncing with her while Sonique walks back to her spot, looking back at her tail playfully.
🎶 I see red / You got my attention / I’m losin' my senses / Don’t know what this is
Sonique waves her hands in a rainbow above her head, before dragging them seductively down her body. Ali bends over, shaking her ass with her hands held in front of her in the “Periodt” position.
🎶 I see red / I’m feelin' emotion / And I can’t control it / In over my head
Ali jumps with stiff legs, bouncing down the runway while playfully singing the lyrics. Sonique, still standing, wipes her eyes dramatically, as if she's crying, then holds her hands on the side of her head.
🎶 Uh I’m a color ROY G BIV / Got a color in my pocket but I don’t know what it is uh
Ali finally throws her baggy coat off, letting it fly behind her, holding up her hands as she raps along to the song
🎶 I’m not really tryin’ to play the game though / I just really wanna taste the rainbow
Sonique is down on her knees, really playing to the dramatics of the show, slowly crawling forward with each line.
🎶 I see red/ You got my attention / I’m losin' my senses/ Don’t know what this is
Ali goes all out, pounding her hand above her head before dropping onto her back, her legs wide. She peaks between, with a smirk, spinning onto her stomach. Sonique stands back up, shimmying her shoulders as she makes funny faces with each line.
🎶 When I see red / When I see red / When I see red
Ali turns to her stomach, humping the floor with wide eyes, while Sonique steps over her, waving her hands back and forth. Ali gets up, pumping her shoulders at the judges
🎶 When I see red! Sonique poses, hands on her hips as the song ends. Ali turns back, looking over her shoulders. The girls scream, Yello waving his finger at Ali. The judges clap, laughing along as Ali struts back to her spot.
Turbo passes their vote over to Xtina. She reads it over, and nods. Sonique straightens her posture, nervously, while Ali tilts her head, confidently.
Xtina: "Racers... I have made my decision!

alikaoreos, shantay you stay."
"Thank you, thank you..." says alikaoreos, closing her eyes in relief. She ignores SoniqueStanner and walk to the back of the stage.
Xtina: "The one and only SoniqueStanner! It's a shame to see you go again, but I just KNOW everyone will be stanning you. Now, sashay away!"
"Girl I gotta go!" shrieks SoniqueStanner, "I just forgot that I needed to clean my bathroom! BYE!"
The other racers cheer as she exits the stage.
Xtina: "Well done everyone! Now... if you can't love yourself, yadda yadda yadda. Can I get an amen?"
"AMEN!" holler the contestants.
Xtina: "Now let the music play!"

Next time on Xtina's Drag Race...
Turbo: "Goode Morning HunTies!"
🏁 Chick_N_Soupe Guuuuuuurrllllllll...
"Well that was unexpected..." says yelloyelps.
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