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Great asses

2022.01.22 18:17 Capital_Function_708 Great asses

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2022.01.22 18:17 Ravitejanalla_17 Free NFTs + 0.2 ETH GIVEAWAY 🎁

Ayoo this is Sickk project TRUST ME!!! 🔥🚀 This one is still early! Don't miss the chance to get one of those 🤑🙌 You would really appreciate to hold one of these 🔥🔥🔥its fire🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
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Drop your Wallet 👇 Daily Giving Away Free NFTs- 0.2ETH GIVEAWAY 🎁 for active members - WL Spots to many people on the channel.
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2022.01.22 18:17 lemlurker Opportunity to compare a mainstream manufacturer EV (2019 Corsa e) against my Chinese rebadged Rowe i5 (2021 mg5 EV)

Hit some ice leaving work and clobbered my front left wheel into a curb (destroying my wheel bearing, pushing the wheel 15mm rearwards and bending my shock abd lower suspension arm) but I was needed in work for a trial so I was provided a work Poole car, a 2019 Corsa e with 3500 miles on the clock. So here's some of my observations: Price: At retail both the base spec cars are very similar. The Corsa e is £25,800 where the mg5 Sr that I own was £25400 but the mg offer 0% lease so monthly costs are much lower Software: Honestly the mg5 software sucks, it has stupid quirks like a pop up to tell you you put the full beams on a full 4 seconds after you did it, the usually chinglish translations, slow af maps to the point that I just can't use it and use android auto instead, but it has some nice little things such as raw battery voltage and current outputs which I personally love to check charging power and comparing driving power to Regen ect, it might be a bit raw metal for some but the Corsa won't even tell you the battery percentage! On the whole the Corsa software is nicer, I especially love the single camera top down parking, where it extrudes the bottom pixles off the reversing camera into a top down image that's really intuitive and easy to use. The polish is just way higher on the Corsa, as expected really. Battery: The battery capacity is not too different, the Corsa e has 45kwh reusable to the mg's 48 but damn does it feel different, the Corsa will use 45% on my (currently cold) 49 mile commute where the mg will use between 25 and 30% it could be battery degredation as it's a 3 yr old car but it's only done 3.5k miles, my mg has done 5.5k since October! The actual practical capacity of the car is about 120 miles, best I could manage in normal driving was 3.3 miles per kWh where I could get 4 fairly easily in the mg despite it's larger and much heavier frame, I feel like a practical range on the mg is closer to 180-90. As a result of the kinda naff battery I had to rapid charge 4 times in a week I'd usually only need to rapid charge once (I don't have a 7kw charger so can only charge about 40% over night right now. Interior: Honestly this is where the mg is surprising good, it feel nice to be in and is solid with no swqueeks or anything but the Corsa is similar but the mg is just by comparison huge! Genuinely a 4 adult car comfortably, I'm a 6"4 guy and the corsas seat doesntbgo back far enough quite and when it is back I can't fit my balled fist into the rear leg gap, I wouldn't put anyone with legs in there, abd really that's the crux, the mg is an estate, honestly a great platform for an ev, the long range version has 60kwh between the wide spaced wheels, it's low and so fairly aerodynamic Vs an SUV but still has masses of space and really more electric estates are needed, especially at under £30k, hatchbacks are too crampt and SUVs are too expensive and inefficient and I look forward to what else can fill this market gap with a but more quality in future
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2022.01.22 18:17 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [todayilearned] TIL a Dutch teenager who was going bungee jumping in Spain fell to her death when the instructor who had poor English said “no jump” but she interpreted it as “now jump”

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2022.01.22 18:17 marcuskeaka LF: bagon or shellgon w dragon dance egg move

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2022.01.22 18:17 Badisracisim This message is specifically for u/pyroisdad

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2022.01.22 18:17 GasRevolutionary985 Incomplete bowel movements (19F)

I already asked this on askdocs, but I’m desperate and losing patience. I’m pretty sure I have PFD, and I know it can cause incomplete bowel movements, which I suffer with every day. Since it’s a common symptom I’m wondering what danger this can cause. And if anyone can tell me their experience. And also any advice on how to relax my pelvic floor muscles on my own(other than deep breathing exercises) because I’m in a situation where I cannot see a doctor anytime soon. All advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.22 18:17 -chinups- [Video]Dune 4K HDR | Weapons Training With Gurney

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2022.01.22 18:17 pretendstoknow Photo editing / management program for M1 Mac?

Hello, I recently purchased a used 6D camera after not doing photography for about 10 years. I used to use Lightroom and was just gonna buy it but I see now it is only subscription based. What are the best photo editing and management programs these days that are standalone and compatible with M1 macs?
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2022.01.22 18:17 OrganicAnybody1747 I am selling Gimmicks and Trinkets.

That's all I can offer the spiritual marketplace, which is the spiritual community, an exchange of ideas and ideals for belief. Gimmicks and Trinkets. What's the difference?
First let's begin with what's similar. They both have a lot of no value, the first far more than the second. A Gimmick is enticing, attractive, a sometimes gawdy piece of appeal which only has one purpose. To illicit worship. An example is soon to follow. A trinket is a, maybe attractive, but always personal something or other that has many many meaning. It's purpose to illicit perspective.
Some examples:
I am the real deal. This is the way it is. Look at all I've done and follow me for more. Gimmick.
I am the source of my own perspective. Whatever I see, feel or know is without thinkng. Trinket.
Notice the difference? One illicits worship, the other, perspective. Let's make it personal, shall we? Gimmick or Trinket?
How many Gimmicks do you offer yourself a day, if any? How many Trinkets do you offer yourself a day, if any? Gimmick or Trinket?
Rhetorical trinkets despell delusion. Gimmick or Trinket?
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2022.01.22 18:17 Savi-Terrier Easy Volunteer Opportunity !!!EASY WAY TO GET HOURS AND HELP THE ENVIRONMENT !!!

Hello current BLS students.
Sumus Primi and all that. Have you finished all of your outside volunteer hours? Need some more?Want to get some easy ones, without having to go through an organization that needs to sign off on your hours?
My name is Max, am a Alumni('19) and I'm currently at Boston University participating in the SPARK program. My team is working on a freelance beach clean up solution (it's gonna be an app or site) that will allow you to log volunteer hours by yourself through our solution. We are in the middle of doing user research before we start developing our solution. Hopefully we get something made before the end of this semester and you guys can use it over the summer when it'll be more beach-friendly weather.
If you have some free time this coming week to do an interview 20-30 minutes about your volunteer experience (or volunteer expectations), hit me up. My email is [maxhd@bu.edu](mailto:maxhd@bu.edu).
I'm available for in-person interviews to zoom ones!
*The interview will not count as hours, but will push this project to the next phase, where it can then be utilized for easy hours*
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2022.01.22 18:17 TheJamBerge [Homemade] Surf & Turf

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2022.01.22 18:17 laurus85 Just finished In Search of Lost Time (with madeleines, of course)

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2022.01.22 18:17 captain_-cum the baby smelt

of uranium
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2022.01.22 18:17 The_Jeanay Finishing off Living Dex in BDSP

LF any of the following evolutionary lines: Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lotad, Makuhita, Gulpin, Spoink, Spinda, Feebas
FT: Basically anything else that I can breed, just let me know
Thanks in advance everyone!!
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2022.01.22 18:17 iamcalifw 💎Baby Floki Doge Just stealth launched 10 minutes 🔥Ownership Renounced💎 Early Low Cap just launched | No Airdrop | BFDOGE New 1000x - Project is run by the best team in the BSC space 🔥GEM x1000 moonshot

🚀 Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable Memecoin brought to earth by Floki and Doge. This low tax and hyper-deflationary gem uses simple tokenomics to ensure Everybody goes to Mars in a Tesla!
TG : https://t.me/babyfloki_doge
🚀Inspired by Elon Musk’s love for Doge and his new puppy Floki. We know Elon will love his new golden child Baby Floki Doge !
🚀 Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable memecoin brought to earth by Floki and Doge. This low
tax and hyper-deflationary gem uses simple tokenomics to ensure Everybody goes to Mars in a Tesla!
Inspired by Elon Musk’s love for Doge and his new puppy Floki. We know Elon will love his new golden
child Baby Floki Doge !
🚀 A truly experienced, professional team that has shown much success in crypto!
The marketing professionals did 20x on their last project and are determined to turn this into a Billion Dollar Marketcap!
🚀 They are a low tax & hyper-deflationary coin that will incentivize new investors to buy in and existing investors to hold! Which is a breath of fresh air after all these high tax coins!
They will also employ antibot, anti-whale, and anti-dumping measures.
Max transaction 1% of supply 🔥
🔥 Hyper-Deflationary & Low Tax Gem
👨 Known and Trusted Developers & Marketing Team!!!
🔐 Kyc Doxxed Badge with Pinksale (compliant with CCPA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, and WCAG
Accessibility Guidelines) and Liquidity will be locked for 1 year!
🔥 Poocoin, DextTools, BSCScan, Coinzilla, Coinsniper.net, Coinhunt.cc, 40+ Million Audience Influencers, 80+ Private Investor Groups Promoting Our Presale
⭐ 0% Buy and Sell Tax
🏆 Hold $BABYFD get rewarded in $ BFDOGE automatically
👀 Promo Campaign 24/7: Influencers, Telegram groups, AMA’s (5 before launch), Giveaways, Youtube
videos, CMC & CG, and Banner ads (Poocoin & Coinsniper). 30+ Million in combined social media
presence (lots of investors)
✅ Professional Marketing Team (last project did 20x)
💰 Amazing Roadmap & Usecases
🧠 Audit from Solidity Finance
💥 CONTRACT : 0xbdafddca64ef4fb4af149fc2eedb4349bee7ecea
🚀 Buy On Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xbdafddca64ef4fb4af149fc2eedb4349bee7ecea
🔥Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0xbdaFddCA64ef4fB4aF149fc2EEDb4349BeE7EcEa
🔥Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0xbdaFddCA64ef4fB4aF149fc2EEDb4349BeE7EcEa#readContract
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2022.01.22 18:17 tattedb0b Super jumping with a repulsor!

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2022.01.22 18:17 Adept_Classic_9755 Mfrs have too

Are any of those POWDER even real
View Poll
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2022.01.22 18:17 Name_NotKnown How does one know of they are transgender MTF ?

I feel like I am but I don't wanna change my body but then sometimes I feel like I do so idk if i am
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2022.01.22 18:17 canadian-weed Soul Revolution Part II - Wikipedia

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2022.01.22 18:17 BrianGriffin1208 Hello, if you don't mind having a bunch of new game trailers and other related content, i'd appreciate a sub :)

My goal is 50 subs, so far I am at 36, I'd appreciate anyone willing to sub, like, comment, or watch. I'll do the same for anyone else, thank you.
This channel isn't very old, but I plan on uploading videos of games I find and recommend, whether it be free games, trials/betas to try out, or the most interesting games I can find releasing this week, as well as game alternatives to franchises like Pokemon.
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2022.01.22 18:17 icydata Coyle tips puck home from slot

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2022.01.22 18:17 piddlykink Design Portfolio

Hi, I'm applying to Concordia's Design program for this fall semester. I'm trying to figure out what exactly to feature in my portfolio. I know that their design program is a bit more artsy than the graphic design I'm studying right now, which is more commercial.
Are there any tips or advice I could get that would help guide me?
Which types of projects are they looking for?
What questions should I ask myself before deciding to include certain projects?
Thank you!
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2022.01.22 18:17 JuteuxConcombre OK... mais l'appartement il est comment?

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2022.01.22 18:17 redreaderhood Transfer question: Splitter with high LSAT, low GPA

Hey Team,
I currently have a 166 lsat with a 3.1 GPA from an Ivy (i was basically an immature, depressed drunk). I have another lsat coming, which I expect to be 170+ (I had extra time on this one, which I didn't have before - I'm fairly confident of a material improvement).
Anyway, I live on the west coast, and my dream choices would be Berkeley USC UCLA. Even with a 172+, it seems my chances at these schools are pretty dismal with my GPA, although I am a non traditional candidate with a specific personal statement focusing on mental health reform. I'm also 32, so I've heard grades are less important for my app but obviously still important.
Anyway, I AM going to law school next fall. I'm currently accepted to American (I know not great), but i expect acceptances will trickle in from a couple of t50 schools. My basic question is - Can a great 1L gpa erase your college gpa, and how much do they still consider LSATs.
The calculus I'm doing right now is, well, if my GPA were a 3.5 with a 170 lsat, I'd have a decent shot at UCLA and USC. So if I can hit 3.7 GPA during 1L, it makes sense to me that I'd have a decent shot at some of these reach schools.
My anecdotal experience was that a friend of mine went to U Miami for 1L, then transferred to UCLA. Seems easy enough! (I half kid).
Any considerations, links, or advice will be helpful.
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