$GTCH GBT is Enhancing qTerm’s Cybersecurity Technology to Provide a Higher Level of Data Protection For its Users

2021.12.02 10:56 louied91 $GTCH GBT is Enhancing qTerm’s Cybersecurity Technology to Provide a Higher Level of Data Protection For its Users

News Link: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/12/02/2345028/0/en/GBT-is-Enhancing-qTerm-s-Cybersecurity-Technology-to-Provide-a-Higher-Level-of-Data-Protection-For-its-Users.html
SAN DIEGO, Dec. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) ("GBT”, or the “Company”) is enhancing its qTerm device cybersecurity technology in order to ensure robust privacy and sensitive data protection for its potential users. Due to the rise of sensitive data breach cases in the past few years, GBT decided to add another layer of data protection, developing breakthrough techniques to prevent potential data theft. The enhancements will be performed within the device’s AI computer programs to increase data security for its machine learning and computing environments. GBT's qTerm, a human vitals intelligence device is targeted to measure human vitals with a touch of a finger, and includes AI technology for personal health monitoring. The device is accompanied by a smartphone app and a synchronized widget web application to keep a history and provide health related analytics.
GBT will be implementing Homomorphic Encryption (HE) techniques within its AI environment to enable encrypted data processing without decrypting it first. The qTerm algorithms send data back and forth over encrypted channels. The AI needs to perform computations and analysis and typically the system decrypts the information first, working on it, and re-encrypting it again before sharing it. This creates a potential security risk. HE technology enables robust data protection since the processing is always done with the encrypted data. HE techniques were known to have one major disadvantage, which is a very long processing time compared to decrypted data processing runtime. GBT developed new algorithms that operate with much higher performance enabling fast computations using HE methods. The company plans to implement HE technology within qTerm’s Machine Learning components, mobile and web interface computing environments.
“Our AI engine includes multiple modules that shares digital assets over internal channels. The machine learning sub-systems may communicate sensitive information, for example, sharing users medical/personal information between the data storage module and the data training module. In order to secure data, there are two major operations that are done, encryption and decryption. The encryption typically happens where the sensitive data is first captured, for example after qTerm device recording a user’s vitals. The data is then sent to the AI system for processing on the main data center. At the data center the data needs to be decrypted to work on, and then re-encrypted after completion. The decrypting phase introduces potential data breach risk. Using the HF technique eliminates the need for decryption, and all operations can be performed on the encrypted data which eliminates the major security risk. We plan to develop several types of algorithms in this domain that will use cryptography and mathematical methods to operate directly on encrypted data. In this way we’ll significantly enhance the data’s privacy and security. One of qTerm’s main purposes is to perform as a telemedicine device which communicates with its AI data center. User’s vital information will be sent via a web widget and HE based technology will ensure a high level of data security. AI systems require robust security mechanisms by their nature and by using HE we are preserving data privacy starting at the source. Particularly, with a telemedicine type device, like qTerm, the data will be encrypted and outsourced to its data center environment for processing, all while encrypted. In the past few years there is a constant growing concern about data privacy and security, and implementing new techniques and methods in this domain will ensure highly secured AI operation and computation. We believe that this is especially important for the qTerm’s device as it collects, processes and records sensitive personal and medical information,” said Danny Rittman the Company’s CTO.
There is no guarantee that the Company will be successful in researching, developing or implementing this system. In order to successfully implement this concept, the Company will need to raise adequate capital to support its research and, if successfully researched and fully developed, the Company would need to enter into a strategic relationship with a third party that has experience in manufacturing, selling and distributing this product. There is no guarantee that the Company will be successful in any or all of these critical steps.
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2021.12.02 10:56 StressEcstatic5451 WCGW throwing a cigarette into the sewer

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2021.12.02 10:56 RytheGuy97 One of the worst parts about this is that I know that I’m going to be dealing with this for a very, very long time.

My cat went missing in mid October (I know this isn’t a missing pet sub but she’s been gone for a month and a half and pet searchers found no recent sign of her a few days after she left - I mean realistically… she’s gone) and I still think about her almost all the time. It’s not as bad as when it first happened, when I was an emotional wreck with nearly 0 control over myself and my ability to stop from breaking down, but I’m almost never not thinking about her if I’m alone. I’ll be studying, walking to class, eating, whatever, and I’ll start to think about her. And sometimes they’re happy thoughts but they’re always marred by the knowledge that I’ll never be with her again.
Any moments of happiness are just fleeting. I can talk to people and smile and be happy but I’ll go back to thinking about Dempsey soon after they leave. I’ll go out at night to a bar with my girlfriend sometimes and get drinks and have a great time but when she leaves and I go home I’m just alone and drunk and thinking about kitty and how I can barely withstand life without her. I’ve geared up every night for like 4 nights now and I thought those nights were gone but they’re not. I’ll look at cute cat videos and smile and laugh at those little furballs with their god complex give their owners a hard time and I absolutely love those videos and don’t want to stop watching them but they remind me of how I lost my own kitty.
I see posts by people about how they lost their pet or had them pass away and how they think about them every day, that their families and homes aren’t complete months after they lost them. Everybody grieves at different rates but I know that’s going to be me. Because I’m living my nightmare - this situation is exactly, fucking spot on what I feared every day for a year now, that gave me anxiety almost every morning before I made 100% sure that she was inside.
I’m in for such a long ride. I just want to know peace again, but peace doesn’t exist in my life without her. Not without closure. She just fucking vanished. What a sick joke.
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2021.12.02 10:56 Anisim_1 Compose Multiplatform 1.0 Goes Live!

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2021.12.02 10:56 mangasdeouf Lack of balance between types should end

I'm someone who likes game balance. Pokemon is a funny game, but when you want to play for fun without caring about Pokemon and type quality, whenever you encounter the lack of balance in game, you feel completely walled.
Rock is solid, rock is heavy. Yet the rock type is very weak to a lot of types (namely fighting type, which should at best be normally effective against rock because Pokemon can be abnormally strong, but the same could be said about their sturdiness, if Machamp can break rocks, then Golem should be sturdy enough to break Machamp's fists, because that how actual logic works, otherwise it's useless to design sturdy types if everything can break them). Rock types also got more move recently, but honestly most moves are physical and inaccurate compared with elemental and common physical types (normal/fighting). I don't think there's a single (non legendary at least) rock type that uses Power Gem well. This move is the best rock type move by far: 70-80 power, 100% accuracy, 20 PP! And it's a special move, something that no rock type can actually use due to having abysmal special attack.
Steel is the tankiest tank type. But steel is weak to the fighting type. Why is steel weak to the fighting type? When the most powerful man in the world punches or kicks steel, does steel break? No, but the man can break his leg or hand. Same as rock type but sturdier, if Machamp can break steel but steel is the sturdiest matter, then steel type Pokemon who're supposed to be the most impervious to physical damage must be sturdy enough to break the fighting type's hand or leg. Steel should not resist ice, it should deal normal damage. How does steel resist psychic? Since when can't psychokynesists compress metal? In every magic/power universe, psychic can make a can out of a steel object. If it's a matter of lack of spirit, then is Galeking supposed to be a robot? What about Scizor, that's also a bug? How does steel resist dragon when it's weak to fighting? AFAIK, a dragon with Pokemon power curve should be 10x stronger than a fighting type, so if fighting is super effective against steel, dragon should be super effective against everything including steel, because it just pulverizes things with sheer power or weight+strength. No knight has ever survived a dragon breath or stomp or claw attack without magic being involved. The ghost type should be neutral or super effective against steel because it's not even material, so it should completely ignore physical sturdiness.
Steel also needs more moves. It has metal claw and magnet bomb, 2 physical moves, 55 and 60 power, before the 80-100 power moves. Most steel moves are nearly as inaccurate as rock moves. If a knight in armor can't hit an enemy with a mace or a sword, sorry but the knight in armor will never win a fight even if it is sturdy. It will just use all of its energy and defeat itself. Same goes for Pokemon, PP are finite so if you miss 30% of your 10 PP moves, then you're very limited in what you can do before becoming useless (especially since steel is very effective against 2 types only while being resisted by 4 types, and rock is actually better at beating up ice types than steel in terms of offensive moves).
Dragon should be effective against lots of things, like bugs, normal types, fighting types, steel, rock, because dragons are massive heavy weights with colossal strength and overpowered magic. Only magic types should resist dragon (fairy/psychic and why not ghost or dark if we count dark as a magic type from the moment it got dark pulse, since it also has access to swagger, nasty plot and other more or less magical buffs, statuses or moves). Also it should resist normal and fighting types. Fairy has no business being immune to the dragon type, resist with magic barriers okay but not immune, dragons already destroy other dragons as well as any Pokemon able to learn an ice move, and there are lots of Pokemon that can learn ice moves outside of the cra ppy ice types, notably water types, which are some of the more numerous in the Pokedex with a variety of stats, types and coverage.
Bugs should be more resilient to damage. Many bugs have an exoskeleton, yet it seems like in Pokemon everything can crush a 1.5 metre bug like it's some small ant. And spiders are not bugs, technically, they should just be dark/poison instead of bug/poison. Sadly there's no beast type in Pokemon, which could include a lot of Pokemon that don't fit in the current type categories, like spiders. Too many normal types that should be something more defined.
Ice shouldn't be weak to fighting since it can freeze fighting types before they can damage them. Ice types can be slow, but not every single one of them, please, Sneasel/Weavile is the only fast ice type before Alolan Vulpix. Ice types should have more priority moves, since an ice user would basically run around freezing everything able to threaten it before it can react. What's the point of the ice type if it doesn't make the opponent unable to fight? Ice shouldn't be resisted by water, because ice affects water more than anything else, it IS water after all (otherwise call it cold instead of ice). Water when frozen can't move, so ice should not be resisted by water at all.
Ghost should be effective against more types. And normal being immune to ghost is dumb, unless normal types are suddenly considered scientific minds that don't believe in ghosts and mystical things (in that case they should also be immune to psychic...but normal type is more like everything fairly common, and common beasts and people usually fear ghosts and mystical things, like how dogs bark when something abnormal is nearby and when they get that they are in danger and can't get rid of the danger, they start squeaking out of fear). Ghost shouldn't be super effective against itself XD that's dumb. As it stands, ghost is mostly a defensive type against normal/fighting types since dark is better at countering psychic than ghost. Not many moves seem to be thought out, almost nothing linked to death or life absorption in the ghost type (no lich, no undead moves, really it seems very uninspired, ghost=/=dark Game Freaks).
As for Pokemon stats, just make every Pokemon able to fight if it's available to capture. Why would anyone use a Pokemon that doesn't have the stats to tank, to beat up or to apply status effects before they go down themselves? And please we don't want every cool Pokemon to be 4x weak to several common offensive types (Charizard, Toxicroak, Scyther, every 1st-4th gen dragon type except 4th gen legendaries...which defeats the goal of even creating the fairy type since dragons just go down with a powder snow 4x effective at 160 power, 240 with stab and ice beam of course one shoots even the most resilient dragons with 4x effectiveness). Also, 600 stats should be stopped. That's cool and all, but 530 is enough to beat the game and avoid the power creep that's been up from 3rd gen until now, with mega evolutions making the power creep ridiculous (Mewtwo X is very bulky, very fast and owns everything in 1 hit, very fun to use a Hoppip in the same game you can find Pokemon with 680+ total stats before mega).
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2021.12.02 10:56 Foreign_Camera70 CSL DD vs Alpha Mini - cost comparison

I always research my purchases and usually find the information I need. But I struggle with this a bit so hopefully someone will be able to explain. I want to understand the price difference between these two wheels. I understand Alpha Mini is a better product with 13nm vs 8nm on CSL and overall positive reviews and I also understand the gt4 simagic wheel is much better than mclaren GT3 v2. Do I understand the all-in price correctly?
Fanatec: DD plus boost kit 480e, mclaren GT3 wheel 200e, QR1 100e = 780e total
Simagic: alpha mini gt4 bundle (qr included) = 1100e total
For 300 eur more you get higher torque, more solid wheel, earlier availability and better customer service should there be any issues. Is that the correct way to look at it? Is quick release for 100e needed or is perhaps the price difference 100 more if I don’t intend to change wheels (only race GT cars and open wheelers).
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2021.12.02 10:56 Shlomosuke other players loading

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2021.12.02 10:56 NewsElfForEnterprise U.S. weekly jobless claims rise less than expected; layoffs at lowest since 1993

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2021.12.02 10:56 LeslieParke They really do though

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2021.12.02 10:56 lolurfucked Does anyone else stay up late because it's the only quiet time you enjoy? I have messed up my sleep schedule because of how much I like my alone time at night, is this normal?

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2021.12.02 10:56 allenbyNY Case fatality, Severe Covid couldn’t be calculated for 5-11 Year olds in Germany “due to an absence of cases”

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2021.12.02 10:56 LynchKingDread Where you Prog boys now?

Awfully quiet lmao Hope you had a stop loss
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2021.12.02 10:56 EGuIckar my best fav one this

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2021.12.02 10:56 narutoandninja300s What do you guys think of this one? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

Do you like the song and believe it has a deep and spiritual meaning or is something wrong with you. Really if not you could say what’s wrong with you instead of what’s wrong with the song as a argument
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2021.12.02 10:56 potlim23 Reshiram Raid on me right now. Adding 10 people on 2 accounts!

Please be online and don't add if you won't join in. I'm inviting only online people!
6968 1163 1323
6488 6058 8697
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2021.12.02 10:56 Amazing-Yam7215 New off her Instagram

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2021.12.02 10:56 TheLightOI Short Ensemble for Chamber Orchestra - Symphony V - "Dawn"

I would like to proudly present you this score of mine :)
Score: https://musescore.com/thelightoi/symphony-v
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2021.12.02 10:56 exilen Er det for en polsk statsborger å reise inn til Norge med polsk ID kort?

Er det for en polsk statsborger å reise inn til Norge med polsk ID kort?
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2021.12.02 10:56 SalinP Looking at a 2020 F150 XL with STX ecoboost 4/2 very low mileage. What price should I be looking for

They have an MSRP of 39,000 on it. Everything else on it seems pretty negligible. What do you think I should try to get it down to? I told the salesman some stuff that I want but he doesn't know that I don't really need it. Did that for bargaining tools.
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2021.12.02 10:56 dejobaan Prototype Blocks 2 - Prototype Blocks 2 - Continuation of the first part of the puzzle in which new difficulties and portals await you!

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2021.12.02 10:56 goldmaddug2020 Scottish football fans last night

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