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Chapter 2
Later that night I called home letting my parents know I would be crashing at with a friend tonight.Levi only had one bed se he took out a sleeping bag for me.At first I couldn’t sleep not after almost dying.It’s my first day here and people are already trying to kill me.I close my eyes clearing my mind and eventually doze off.The next morning we got up and refreshed ourselves.As i finished brushing my teeth Levi came in “Hey,i’ll explain everything when we get breakfast.” I spit the toothpaste out nodding my head.I think on last night,Levi doesn’t look like a fighter,he’s about 5”9’,skinny,with short hair.He wore black glasses.Everybody thinks he’s a nerd until he starts to talk.
We sit at a corner table in a restaurant called Stacky-Stack.It's really just pancakes there.When the waitress leaves after taking our order Levi starts to explain everything. “Blake,not everything's fun and games here.So I have this clan called the Unknowns.” He stops talking when the waitress brings us our food.” in this clan we are kind of do I put this ummm vigilantes.
We stop murders,drug deals, and any other illegal stuff. We try to refrain from killing,but sometimes it’s needed.” He stops to take a bite of his pancake sandwich. “So the clan and I are wanted by kingpins and other bad people.” He put an emphasis on the word bad.``That guy in the alley-way the other day was a hired assassin.He goes by the name shadow.If I didn’t know who he was we both would have probably been dead right now.” I sit there unable to speak.This is all new to me.
I thought this place was awesome and on the second day I'm learning about the hidden things that are here.Levi gave me a look like he wanted me to say something. “Ummmm can I join?” Is all I was able to say at the moment. Why did I say that? I don’t want to join a clan where I have to look over my shoulder every five minutes just to make sure no one's trying to kill me! I noticed Levi didn’t answer me but his face grew serious like the other day in the alley-way.
“Don’t look behind me but two men in black suits have been watching us since we’ve arrived.” I went to look behind him,but before I could Levi kicked my leg hissing “I said no.” I quickly made eye contact with him again not wanting to get kicked in the leg for a second time. “So now what?” I ask.He sat there contemplating the situation and what we could do.”He soon answers with “I’ll go into sage mode for about twenty seconds,but I can’t be disturbed at all.Just move your mouth so no one suspects anything,ok?” I nod my head.While he's doing his sage mode thing I move my mouth like he had told me to do.
The whole twenty seconds I was thinking,what are twenty seconds really going to change? Exactly twenty seconds later he abruptly opens his eyes and says “I’m ready.” We got up from our chairs to leave.Sure enough when we reached the door the two men got up and started following. I turned to Levi as we were walking and asked “Is that makeup?” It looked like orange mascara was put onto his face. He keeps looking forward replying with a simple no. I shrug and look ahead of me making sure not to look back at the men. Five minutes later when we entered a vacant street by accident we heard screaming in agony behind us.
We quickly turn around to see one of the men in black suits inject himself with a green colored serum. He dropped the syringe as he grasped his chest in pain.Not even like five seconds later He grew big and bulky. I’m talking about the O.D. kind of bulky.The other man followed quickly releasing his true strength.A black pattern formed all over his skin as if it was a moving tattoo. He buried his face into his hands. And instead of screaming in pain like the other guy he started to laugh like a maniac.Two blue giant webbed hands erupted out of his shoulder blades. “A- are- th- those WINGS!” Levi stays focused but calls tell me to stay back. I nodded once even though I knew he couldn’t see me and took a couple of steps back.
The two “men” if you can even call them that anymore simultaneously charged us the winged one faster than the other.But know matter how close they got Levi held his ground. “Levi! They're coming!” I yell.He still doesn’t move a muscle. My mind tells me to run,just to book it down the alley-way and find help.But who would I be to leave him here on his own to fight these two maniacs. I have to fight, I tell myself.I pull up my inventory and grab my standard sword.When I pull my sword out my scabbard the loud noise of metal on metal slices the silence.
“No.” I take a half step back, surprised. “What do you mean no? I have to help you somehow! Who would I be to leave you here to die.” He snickers at my last comment. “You’ll just get in the way,and if I were to go off of their abilities I'd say they can be anywhere from level one hundred fifty to two hundred. On top of you getting in my way you would just get yourself killed in a matter of seconds…’s suicide” I know what he’s saying is true but I still try to swallow my fear.But I can’t. It’s impossible everytime I try it comes right back up.The winged one reached Levi first.He tried to swipe at Levi’s head with his claw like hands but it was dodged with ease.The dodge was followed up with a punch to the man's throat.Which sent the man's whole body jerked back his head following.
As the wing man stumbled back the bulky guy was jumping over his partner fist drawn ready to deliver it to levis face.Levi looked up and caught the man's fist mid-air.He then flipped the larger man onto the smaller one.Causing the winged one to explode from the pressure and speed was put onto him. Blood and body parts went everywhere.I screamed in horror as the man's arm landed near me.The guy who was still alive groaned in pain.The impact of the final hit was so great it created a mini crater in the middle of the street.
Levi's face had gone back to normal and the man shrunk down to his original form.BING!,BING!,BING!,BING! I could hear everyone's phone going off in hearing range. I looked up from my phone as it went off.Levis face is confused as a man is on levi and i’s phone. I can’t make out who it is. The area surrounding the man is dark.All I could make out was his military uniform.There’s a long period of silence before the mystery guy spoke.
He cleared his throat than in a very deep voice stated “This is a world emergency.There has been a virus that has reseted everyone stats.We have been forced to shut down Reality-ville in order to contain the virus.Nobody will be able to enter or leave Reality-ville until we say it’s okay.Nobody panic for you can level up yourselves again. The military and I are going to fix this problem. I will be back to update you if any new news occurs,but for now goodbye and may death spare you.” The screen went black not long after the message. Levi and I slowly look up from our phones,mouths wide open.Panic starts to swell up in me and I almost panic.But looking at Levi made me want to be better.He doesn’t panic so why should I?
I try to speak but all I do is stutter “vi- v- viru-...virus?” Levi looks at his phone and he shakes his head saying a stream of curses under his breath. I grab his wrist and frantically look around. “We have to get somewhere safe,like your place.” He nods and starts to lead the way. We winded in and out of the streets avoiding as many people as possible. We reached Levi’s place in like an hour.When we got there we locked all the doors and all the windows. After that we sat in silence for awhile.I broke the silence “do you still have your money?” He checks his phone and turns to me shaking his head.
I slam my fist against the wall “FUCK! So now what?” I pull my phone out and lay it on the table next to me.``I guess we try to level up and do what we can.” I nod in agreement. It's the best thing to do in a situation like this.``I’ll learn the Naruto stuff. What will you do?” I think about it.I never really haven’t thought about it before.” I guess I will try to be Marine-X” He was from my favorite book.It’s about a man who tests a new prototype called Marine skeletone 3000. He soon is known as Marine-X.He was my favorite vigilante.Think of batman and Halo mixed.Batman weapons but Halo suit. “So it’s settled you Marine-X and me Naruto.” I grab my phone from the table and search for Marine-X weapons.
We went outside that evening.Everything changed.Stores were shut,the sky grew dark,lights were out.You could see people scurrying around looking over their shoulders every few minutes.Most of the people walked with their standard weapons out. I forced back a gulp “First things first Blake,If you want to have a Marine-X class than you must go to your profile then click class.Than you’re going to choose a weapon that you think will help you work towards the Marine-X class.”I did as he told me.”It says choose new starter weapon.” There was a list of standard weapons on the screen.

I chose the knife as my starter. Loading,Loading,BING! “Inventory updated.Instead of a standard sword a standard knife was in my inventory.I showed Levi my phone and he nodded “Good choice,I chose a kunai since I'm going to be a ninja class.” I don’t answer but instead do a retake of the streets and how everything changed.The streets are gloomy.Reality-ville doesn’t feel lively anymore. I turn to Levi asking “Is this our new reality?”
He keeps walking, never looking in my direction. “I’m not sure,but for now.... It is.”
We turn a corner.It’s empty other than a man leaning on a buildings wall.The man was white,Left arm covered in a sleeve of tattoos.He was unnaturally skinny with a white ragged T-shirt.He wore beer stained cargo shorts,His shoes were all torn up.He looked like another homeless man.But what was so special about this one.When he saw us approaching the man started lighting a cigarette.He than holds out the pack of cigarettes.
“You boys want one?” His voice was raspy and deep,probably from all the smoking. I shake my head saying no thank you.Levi pulls out one hand out of his pocket taking one. “Pass a light.” Since when did Levi smoke? Levi took two puffs before proceeding. “So, do you have any errands or missions you want us to go on?” The man flicked the remainder of the cigarette to the floor.He then looked around as if to look for any eavesdroppers. “You can do a bounty for me.Unless you kids aren’t up for it.” He dragged the word kids like it was a problem. Levi doesn’t answer right away,he sits there in deep thought. I didn’t get why Levi was so hesitant to answer so I pulled him to the side.
“What's the big deal? This IRL NPC will just make us kill another IRL NPC right?” He takes another drag of his cigarette then tosses it. “No,NPC’s make us kill real people who have broken a law and/or owe them something.” I couldn’t control myself anymore “WHAT!?” “I know, I know, But these missions are rare to get in the first place.They give you a lot of XP and coins when you finish.” I flipped out again “NO, THIS ISN’T RIGHT!” Levi sighs from frustration “Can we atleast see what this bounty is wanted for?” I also sigh from frustration and answer “Fine” He sighs from relief turning to the man asking what he’s wanted for. “The NPC looks at his phone and states “thievery,kidnapping and home invasion” I all of a sudden didn’t feel bad for whoever we were killing. Levi turns to face me giving me a face practically asking me is it ok?
I make a slight nod of approval and take the mission from the man.”Remember, if you don’t kill your target and you are still living than you will have a bounty on you until you either die or complete the mission.” I walk away and take my phone out to scroll through my missions tab.It had a small one by it indicating that a new mission is there.Before I read more into this I should see my parents first.I slip my phone into my pocket,and stop walking.”Hey, ima go go home for the night and spend some time with my parents.” Levi nods that he understands and that if I need him I know where he is. I turned left to head home.And Levi went right.
It took me a while to get home.I made a couple of detours.
To make sure no one was following me. This is my first time coming home to our apartment.We used to live in a house back on our old earth. But here in Reality-ville only the richest of the richest live in houses. I pulled my phone out and scanned my profile to unlock the lobby door. The inside was nice and simple. The walls were white with with a couple of abstract paintings on the wall. The floor was a black and white checkered tile pattern. There was an old man sleeping at the receptionist desk.
Before I go to the elevator I look at the closest abstract paintings. What is so special about these paintings? There’s no real picture here. I guess the point is to use your imagination. I walk back up to the elevator and hit the up arrow. I look back behind me just to make sure I was alone. Standing by the lobby door was a man in a black cloak. It wasn’t the same guy from the alley-way but it was similar. This one had a pattern of white flowers on the right arm like it was a sleeve of tattoos. I quickly pull my knife out and conceal it in my right sleeve.
I watch the man from the corner of my eye through the reflection of one of the paintings. The elevator is on the fifth floor now. I turn back to my viewing point. The cloaked man looked at the old man sleeping than at me. I swallow my nervousness and take a deep breath, ready for a fight. “DING!” I jump from nervousness and whip my head towards the elevator. I curse myself for looking away than turn to look at the lobby door. Damn, he must have left when I had looked back at the elevator. I take out my knife and put it back in my inventory. I step into the elevator and press the labeled floor five. “Wow” there are thirty eight floors. As the doors were closing a hand stopped the doors from closing.
A light skinned girl stepped in. She stood on the opposite wall from me. Great, I always get nervous when cute girls are around. I continue looking forward but ask “ What floor do you live on?” I couldn’t tell if she looked at me to answer or not. “Same as you.” She had a cheery voice.But not the same as my mom. Her’s was a nice type of cheery. I felt myself get hot and was wondering if she could see it. Now I know I’ll see her almost everyday. “Cool” is all I can muster up to say back to her. I risk a look at her. This girl was amazing! She was light skinned with black hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had grey stormy eyes, She wore a black tee shirt with tight black jeans. She wore black and grey Jordans to top it off. It was too late before I knew I was staring. “If you take a picture it would last longer...but please don't. That would be weird.” I snap my head back from embarrassment wishing this moment could end.
Finally the elevator doors opened and I scurried to my apartment.
“Looks like we’re neighbors!” she flashes a smile. “Cool” then I rush inside the apartment and slam the door shut. About five seconds later I hear her door close. The apartment is nice, but it’s crammed with unpacked boxes. I sidestep a stack of boxes and make my way into the kitchen. “MOM!” I call out “DAD!” I stand there in silence waiting for an answer “Over here!” ,It was my dad. He must be in one of the bedrooms. I quickly made my way there side stepping and moving boxes alon away. “Hey dad.” He was working on thegues bedroom installing the t.v. He never looked up but answered “Hey Blake,How are you?”
“I’m good.” I really wasn’t but what was I supposed to tell my father, That we killed someone today? Or that someone was watching me in the lobby of our own building. He had finished the t.v. and was looking at his work. He turned to me and said “ I need you to be careful out there with that whole virus thing that’s going on.” I nod, understanding what he was saying. “Where is mom?” He pointed at the bedroom in the middle of the hall. I tell him goodnight and make my way to my mothers room.
When I entered the room she was sleeping in her bed. It was a nice sight. She’s usually stressed out or acting like someone she’s not, trying to cover up her sadness. I take in the sight and smile. She needs to be like this more often. I walk over to her bed quietly and pull the blankets up to her neck. And kiss her head. I then walked out and quietly shut the door. I go to my room and kick my shoes off, throwing myself on my bed. Dozing off in a matter of seconds.
I woke up to a start. It was too hot in here…..too hot. Smoke was flowing into my room from the bottom of my door. I took a deep breath and regretted it as I sucked in like 98 percent of smoke. I run over to my door and open it. When I did a whole billow of smoke slammed into me. I stumbled back and ran to my dresser on the verge of panic. I grabbed a random shirt and tied it to my face. I then ran into the hall and saw what was happening! “FIRE!,FIRE!” There was so much fire! I look to my right….nothing. I look to my left…..”DAD!” I yell.Down the hall to my left was a man...wait no the robed man choking my dad in the air.
“SUMMON KNIFE!” I’m running down the hall to my dad before my brain even registered what to do. The robed man turned to me grinning. He threw my dad against the wall like he was a piece of garbage. The man had a knife of his own. The last few inches I jumped into the air bringing my knife down hoping to hit anything...just anything. But when I landed all my knife hit was air. Then finally my panic had risen. The man was no longer in front of me. I whipped my head to look behind me and the man grabbed me and threw me to the wall behind me. When I hit the wall, colorful dots filled my vision. I suppress the urge to take a deep breath trying not to fill my lungs with smoke.
I quickly scramble to my feet and charge the man. He grabs my hair and knees me in the stomach until I stop moving. Blackness started to fill my vision. The last thing I saw was the man rush out of the apartment and Levi rushing in after.
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2021.12.02 10:32 Baseballfrk8998 DEEPSPACE DPS, Metaverse 3D game with Certik and ChainLINK collaboration

DEEPSPACE DPS, Metaverse 3D game with Certik and ChainLINK collaboration DEEPSPACE ($DPS) is a space-based metaverse exploration strategy P2E game recently launched on the BSC blockchain. The DEEPSPACE team believes too many blockchain games have poor gameplay. Foremost they want to ensure the game is engaging, fun to play, and immersive.
The majority of DEEPSPACE’s 20+ strong team are gamers. The talented team is comprised of developers, designers, concept artists, technical architects, and community moderators. DEEPSPACE ($DPS) is backed by a team with the talent and resources needed to propel the project to success. This is one to watch closely.
Moreover, the team said: “Our aim is for DEEPSPACE to be a leading Play-to-Earn game in crypto. We love gaming, and we’ll ensure the DEEPSPACE metaverse is super immersive, engaging, and fun for players. Each release will bring new functionality to DEEPSPACE. Come and join us in DEEPSPACE!”
Also, the team purposefully did not make the mistake of many new blockchain projects by rushing into development. They spent months getting DEEPSPACE’s foundation’s right: game mechanics, infrastructure, concept designs, metaverse lore, community, and tokenomics.
Play Secure with DEESPACE
Ensuring security was also a key driver, the team completed a comprehensive multi-week audit with Certik. Project funds are protected by a multi-signature protocol that requires 4 of 6 custodians to sign off on every transaction. Once the team locked in the fundamentals, development started in earnest.
Therefore, DEEPSPACE’s proprietary technology allows seamless integration between their blockchain marketplace on-chain and real-time action for the player.
An alpha version of the game will appear in Q4-2021, with a beta in early 2022. A custom NFT marketplace will launch first. It will enable players to mint, buy and trade starships, purchase upgrades (armor, weapons systems, etc.) and other commodities.
According to the team, the NFT marketplace is “working well on a testnet, with an anticipated limited alpha launch Q4 2021 before the game alpha”.
On the other hand, four starship types will be available for minting or trade initially:
Fighters: Ships with state of the art weapons technologies that can deal incredible damage • Tank: Ships designed for managing enemy engagements, longevity, and withstanding lots of damage • Mining: Ships specially engineered for efficient resource collection • Support: A ship focused on utility and boosting the capabilities of your other ships
Each starship have an NFT with a unique set of properties, including attack, shields, special attack, special defense, mining, speed, and luck. If you select to mint a fighter, it will have considerably higher attack and speed properties than a mining ship.
For those seeking combat, DEEPSPACE will offer both Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) battles. PvE will involve a player battling the game’s artificial intelligence (AI). PvP will see a player battle another player. Guild wars and battle competitions are under consideration for later releases.
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2021.12.02 10:32 Beatrix_-_Kiddo What's a film you would have loved to see get made but never will for whatever reason?

For example: I would have loved to see Stanley Kubrick's vision for A.I: Artificial Intelligence. I like the Spielberg film that we got but imagine how amazing a Kubrick version would have been.
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Me [M27] and 3 work friends 30[F], 36[M], 30[M] will spend our Christmas break in Siargao on December 17-25. If you read this post, you wanna hang out with us, dm me!
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I got commented on the clothes I wore to the interview. I went to the interview in a company that seemed to not have a strict dress code. I checked the dress code on the company’s website and it says “smart casual”. I wore a simple midi A - silhouette dress with no sleeves and a high collar. On the website where I bought the dress it was called “office attire” so I thought wearing it would be appropriate. After the interview the HR of the company gave me a short feedback saying I did a good job but my dress was “too revealing”. I mean the only things that were revealed were my arms. I did not get the job.
Can it be the reason to refuse a candidate? Do you think my dress seems too much for “smart casual”?
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2021.12.02 10:32 dnim0ecaep Prusa XL vs Volron

I love the features of the Prusa XL, but i honestly like the look of the Voron 2.4. I like how the Volron is beautifully enclosed.
I wish the Prusa I3 had the modular heads and the zero config first layer.
I bet the Volron is a beast to setup compared to the Prusa.
Lastly, I am not a fan of how expensive the Prusa XL is, but i might just have to get over that.
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My battery's been dead, and if you're wondering, I think I'm on Level 5 now.
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2021.12.02 10:32 kamikazeuser Learning from the Farm Protests : How Muslims can bring Blasphemy laws to India to protect the honour of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

Basically title.
If anything, the Farm Laws have taught us that if there is a will, there is a way.
India saw a historic protest of an unprecedented scale and passion as almost all of the Sikh community (a sister community of Islam as Guru Nanak (pbuh) went on Hajj) came on the streets to demand the revoking of the unjust farm laws.
This was a classic David Vs Goliath fight and the Hindutva government was humiliated at last. It withdrew the Laws at last.
What can we Muslims learn from the protests ? Ie sustained protests can bring down any government law. Specifically,for us, we need to remember that It is incumbent upon every living Indian Muslim to protect the honour of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and therefore the need of the hour is to have sustained peaceful demands for Blasphemy laws under the Indian Penal laws.
A wonderful article summarizes what Yogendra Yadav said on the tactics behind the Farm protests -
we are back to square one, aren’t we? What have we achieved?” This was a sharp question from a young farm activist, miffed at the celebrations on the repeal of three farm laws. His logic was simple: Farmers were in a bad shape, prior to the introduction of these three laws. We managed to ward off the fresh disaster, but what about the pre-existing issues? Have we moved an inch forward after a year-long historic struggle? Aren’t we back to where we were on 4 June 2020, before the farm laws were brought in as ordinances? What have we achieved?
“You should read Gandhiji — not his words, but his life” was my response to this young colleague. If there was one andolanjeevi in this country, it must be him. He created mass movements out of nowhere, crafted their issues, coined their slogans and choreographed the action programmes. Most of the movements he launched did not achieve their immediate objectives: Non-Cooperation, Civil Disobedience and Quit India did not achieve their stated goals. Yet we remember these struggles as models of movements, as they set Indians free, much before the country secured freedom.
Shrewd as he was, Gandhi understood something deep: In the business of movements, by-product is the real thing. The real achievement of a movement is not measured by how far it secures its immediate demands, but by how it empowers and transforms its constituency.
In terms of securing immediate demands, the farmers movement has already achieved more than any comparable movement in post-independence India. The Railway strike of 1974 was crushed. The JP movement in Bihar could not get the state government to resign. The Anna Hazare movement did get Parliament to pass a resolution but the Lokpal Act had to wait another two years. Getting the Union government to repeal laws on which it had staked its prestige is unprecedented. To do so under the Narendra Modi dispensation is unbelievable.
Yet this is not the most enduring achievement of this movement. What makes this movement truly historic are its by-products, provided we value and build on these.
Also read: Gandhi is back. Farm laws repeal shows even the most hostile enemy can be transformed
Farmers’ self-esteem
The first enduring achievement of this movement is the recovery of farmers’ self-esteem. Earlier, every meeting of the farmers, big or small, would involve some leader ruefully recalling the good old days of “Uttam kheti, maddham vyapar, nikrisht chakari”. [Farming is first rate, business is second and service is third rate.] Farmers had reconciled to their marginal existence as a residue of modern development. This movement got them a symbolic recognition as annadatas. “No Farmers, No Food, No Future” became a badge of honour. Urban middle class scratched the surface of generational memories to rediscover their farming roots. This symbolic shift is no mean achievement: A recovery of self is the first step towards freedom. Farmers have asserted that they do not belong to the past, they are very much the present and future of India.
Will this prove a flash in the pan or lead to enduring gains for farmers? It depends on the way the farmers’ organisations take this victory forward. This historic victory can be used to go back to business as usual, only to face a dead-end sooner than later. The model of agriculture inaugurated by the Green Revolution already faces an economic, ecological and existential crisis. There is no way it can be extended to the rest of the country. So, a recovery of self must be accompanied by a re-envisioning of farming. A new vision would involve making small farms viable, ensuring a just deal for landless and tenant farmers, promoting cooperative agriculture, shifting to ecologically sustainable practices that save us from water depletion, soil degradation and chemically contaminated food. With this historic victory in their stride, farmers must write a new manifesto for the future of Indian agriculture.
Also read: MSP won’t bankrupt India. It’s complex, but so is disinvestment
A historic unity
The second big achievement of this movement is attaining an unprecedented unity of India’s farmers. Ever since the beginning of peasant movements in the first half of the twentieth century, mobilisation of farmers has been marred by multiple, deep divisions based on climate, crops and class besides the usual divisions based on language, religion and caste. This movement did not entirely transcend these divisions; the mobilisation was uneven across the regional, class and caste divides. Yet, at least at the level of emotions, this movement united the farmers like never before. It did cut across existing divisions – Punjab/Haryana, Hindu/Muslim, Jat/non-Jat – in a way that we have rarely seen. Women farmers made an appearance on the national stage like never before. And it produced a platform – the Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) – that is the largest united front ever of the Indian farmers.
The challenge now is to build on and deepen this unity. Although the SKM was born as a one-time front to lead the struggle against three anti-farm laws, it cannot and must not fade away. The SKM now carries the historic responsibility of becoming the voice of all farmers of India. The SKM has already decided to create its state and district chapters, which would overcome the regional unevenness. It must carry forward the pending demands from the charter of the current movement. Its future programmes of action must also address the issues of farmers at the bottom of the heap: Landless, tenant, adivasi and women farmers. That is the way to cement the historic unity of the farmers.
Also read: Our survey shows farm laws are popular. Modi was correct in his assessment
Political heft
The third and final victory of the farmers is that they and everyone else have discovered their political heft. Indian farmers have always been like Lord Hanuman in Hindu mythology: Supremely powerful yet unable to use their prowess to their own ends. This movement changed it all. It sent an unmistakable message to the political class: Don’t take panga with farmers. Just as the BJP’s defeat in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in 2018 had put farmers on the centre-state of politics for a few months, this movement has secured an enduring position for the farmers on the national political radar. This should yield long-term dividends.
The real issue is: What would the farmers use their newly acquired clout for? It would be a pity if this resource gets spent in pushing petty and personal electoral ambitions. Farmers must harness this energy for something big — for putting farmers’ agenda on the top of electoral contestation, for converting electoral promises into government policies and for getting the policies to work for the benefit of the farmers. There is a bigger purpose at hand. Farmers’ movement has emerged as the strongest bulwark against rising authoritarianism in India. The historic responsibility for farmers’ politics is not just to secure economic gains for the farming class but to save democracy, federalism and the country’s unity.
Yogendra Yadav is among the founder of Jai Kisan Andolan and Swaraj India. Views are personal.
(Edited by Neera Majumdar)
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Let's say I have a Python program that calls a Groovy file to be executed externally. Is there a way to store it's variables' values in the Python root process, or should I go for a way of parsing these files instead?
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