Had your booster jab? How was it?

2021.12.02 10:04 regina_falangi Had your booster jab? How was it?

I’ve already had my first and second jabs (AZ), and yesterday had my booster jab (Pfizer).
Today I woke up feeling mostly ok, a little tired, with a slight headache and a very sore arm. I went into work as normal and was then struck by the most horrible nausea and diarrhoea 😩😩😩 Fortunately, I didn’t shit myself and made it to the toilet in time. My boss has also let me work from home the rest of the week. My headache had now turned into a migraine too.
Any else get nausea and diarrhoea?
Just want to add, I am very pro-vaccine and I would 100% get jabbed again and endure endless trips to the toilet than get Covid
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2021.12.02 10:04 SignificantAdvance21 bullshit

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2021.12.02 10:04 YTLinkerBot Robot Planet | Will Robots Take Over The World? | Full Documentary

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2021.12.02 10:04 Upset-Artichoke-4363 MCom in Information Systems - is it worth it or is it useless?

I studied a BCom in information systems and business analytics at university and have gotten a graduate role in risk consulting at the big 4. I am considering picking up an MCom in Information Systems alongside it (parttime), however I do not know if it is worth it. I plan to eventually shift into a completely information security or Business Analytics related career? Does anyone have any advice.
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2021.12.02 10:04 kalithefang My partner has told me I'm not "The one"

My (28f) partner (26m) has told me I'm not "The one."
Enjoy the essay xoxo
We met during first lockdown, and after dating a few months he wanted exclusivity. During our dating pre-relationship, I was polyamorous, with 2 other fresh relationships and wasn't at a point with those partners where we were talking about future stuff etc. I told me he would like monogamy, and after speaking to my other partners, they were very understanding and I was content with my decision for monogamy also. He moved from in with me in June of this year, and we spent a lot of time working from home, renovating our home and going on adventures, talking about the future and everything we wanted to do together and individually. He'd expressed before moving in that he was nervous, as he has lived in the same house on the same street in East Glasgow close to friends and family all his life, and my place was a 40minute drive away on a good day, depending on Glasgow M8 traffic. Even though it was far away, he loved where I lived (a cute small village in rural Inverclyde) because of the nature and wildlife and the fact there was no light pollution and he could take photos of the night sky (he's got really into photography recently.) He is also enamoured with my youngest boy cat, they are inseparable and my cat is OBSESSED with him. Moving into a new place further into Glasgow together was not an option at the time ; my home was bought for me by my parents and would serve as my inheritance when the time came. The typical market rental price for this home would be over £1000pcm, yet my parents agreed that our joint rent could be £600, which for the current climate is amazing. He had never paid rent to his grandparents, but had contributed to all the bills etc, and managed his own food and meals and own expenses. He went from having about £500 expenses a month to over £1000, but makes £28k a year in a very good job and understands that once you leave home that you gotta stay paying for real adult shit.
A few months into living here, he expressed a dissatisfaction with his friend group, as over COVID they had stopped hanging out as much despite the proximity they all lived to each other, and all seemed to be getting on with their own lives. They would often bail last minute on plans and my partner found himself in a one-sided WhatsApp group, being left on read a lot, no responses to his requests to hang out. Eventually he said he was pretty much done with them. We watched some Better Call Saul, and he ended up applying the Sunk Cost Fallacy to his friends, and after that he seemed less bothered about it. The dissatisfaction passed however, as he ended up getting them all to travel all the way to our house for a Saturday games night and sleepover when I was away, which then resulted in a complaint from my upstairs neighbours directly to me calling him "my friend" saying they'd been making too much noise after midnight, threatening to email my father (my neighbours have this history of speaking down to me and treating me like a teenager and I genuinely have no idea why, although I get slight classist and racist vibes from them.) His pals have not visited here since.

In July he asked for a space of his own within the house (not a man cave ugh) but that kind of space. I turned the guest bedroom into a cosy space for him with his WFH set up, redid the whole room with a black feature wall (we are total goths) and hand painted a bunch of celestial art for him. I got all his childhood toys and figures out of storage and made a display on the shelves , got a tv in there, armchair, some gym equipment. He'd spent his whole life with one bedroom which he'd done everything in, so adjusting to having a whole house was difficult at first, and appreciated having somewhere to retreat to.
Once things started open up, he wanted to see his pals again. It started with a night out at Catty, and he drove home drunk because he wanted to come home to me and not stay at his pals house or stay at his grandparents house (which is where he grew up.) You can see on my previous reddit posts that I posted about that night and how it was making me feel, and a single reply to stop projecting my anxieties about past relationships onto him (which is fair.) I sadly got made redundant without pay in September and he happily took on the burden of all bills (my parents reduced the rent for that period) and expenses , as DWP take a month to process and pay Universal Credit, and the insolvency company dealing with my redundancies have their heads up their arses (I've still not seen a penny of what I'm owed) . Money got pretty tight as we'd both spent a bunch of our savings renovating and getting essential stuff done to the house, so we stopped making fun purchases and scrimped on stuff and it was fine.
Everything up until November was blissful, I'd never been so happy. We discussed spooky weddings and getting married Halloween 2022. His family and friends adore me, my family and friends adore him. To signify his permanence in this home, he asked if he could wallpaper a wall in the bedroom, bought some super expensive and unique wallpaper and laboured over it for hours. He said it'd be a shame to move out of this home eventually when we didn't all fit here anymore, because the wallpaper was so nice and we'd done so much to the house.
November onwards, I felt him drifting. He stopped saying I love you as often, would leave my messages unread for hours (we would often take stupid photos throughout the day and send them to each other, even though we were working in the same house. Cute photos of the cats paw beans or our chins or random things we see on YouTube to cheer each other up.) He spends a lot of time on his phone scrolling through Twitter and Instagram , so I know he's checking his phone. He replies to his pals messages too, but not mine. I would ask him if we could do something at the weekend, and he'd say yes of course, what do you want to do. I would reply with a bunch of options, and we would decide on one. The day would come, and he'd be too tired, or not feeling it. A few hours later he'd announce he was going to go into Glasgow and see friends, then maybe go out and stay at his friends after. This happened a couple of times and I expressed that it sucked that he'd say he didn't wanna go out and just stay in and chill, then head out later with his friends and leave me alone. He was spending more and more time away from me in our free time. I personally don't count working hours and time seeing each other. One weekend his was so incredibly low and sad. He has ADHD and with that comes peaks and troughs of moods etc. His appetite had been waning and he'd lost a lot of weight, and he was relying on Nytol with diphenhydramine to be able to get to sleep at night. He announced pretty late at night that he was going for a drive, something which is really out of character and something he'd never done before. I asked him to share his location, because I was feeling pretty anxious and worried about his wellbeing. He left and shared, and met up with his friend. He came back the next morning and told me that me wanting to know his location was a red flag, and I explained the reasons why. He understood my concern and reasoning for asking him and we carried on with life.

Last weekend he said he was going to move out on Friday 3rd, the day we would usually pay rent to my parents. He said that this home is too far away from his lifestyle, and his life is still back in east glasgow. His grandma's health is rapidly declining and he wants to be able to see her more often, which isn't possible from his location with the commute and working hours. He misses being able to walk 15minutes to his friends house, or go out to a bar and get a taxi home. He felt guilty about asking me to move with him, because he knows this house is my inheritance and I really do love it here. I told him that a house is just a shell, and its the company and stuff that make it the home. We agreed to start looking at rental properties in Glasgow that would accommodate our furniture, cats etc. I don't have friends in the area, all my friends are scattered all over the world, so I didn't feel anxious about leaving and starting somewhere new. The flat hunt began on Monday and I had some viewings secured for today. I have a new job which starts on the 13th, so financially, we are ok to do this. I did start a job on November 22nd but the company was an absolute shambles and and I was miserable, he encouraged me to interview for other jobs and once I landed one, I spoke to him about resigning from my crappy job that day (this was two days ago) and that'd give me this week and next week to go to flat viewings and find somewhere for us to move to. He said that was a good idea and that he'd support me until my next payday, as DWP UC had ended my claim so I was no longer going to be receiving any benefits. So I quit and returned the laptop etc. Last night, I asked him if he trusted my judgement about looking at flats alone for the both of us and he said yes, and I asked him hypothetically if the flat I viewed on Thursday was great, that he'd be happy to go ahead with a deposit and start arrange a move, and he said no, its too soon. This threw me as last weekend he'd said he was going to be moving out in 5 days, albeit to his mothers house, but still moving. I asked him why and he said that he was unsure. I had to pry a response out of him, because he just stood and stared past me, and wouldn't make eye contact with me. He said what if we break up and we've moved to Glasgow and you have to move back, its too risky, and I replied that you can't just not doing things based on what ifs, because you'd never get anything done. I asked him if he still loved me and was attracted to me and wanted to be with me and he said yes, but I don't think you're the one. He has its because I'm "too good" as in "too wholesome." Because I like to always find the best in people and help people and because I'm too selfless. He said he needed time out of this house to decide whether I was the one, and we agreed that on Friday he'd move out for a month and we'd review after that. He still wants to see me in this time on the weekends, go on dates and stuff. He now wants to do all the stuff I've been asking us to do together for months. I can't stop crying , and last night I barely slept as he slept next to me like a baby. I don't really know what to do, as I feel like he's made this decision about our relationship and doesn't really want to work on it. He admits I'm the best partner he's ever had, and he's very happy with me, that I have enriched his life and allowed him to better himself and his health . He's the best partner I've ever had, and I've had some absolute assholes in my time.
He leaves tomorrow and I don't know how to talk to him, I wanted to suggest couples counselling, but I don't know how that would float with him. I'm distraught at the thought of not waking up next to him every day, going to sleep, watching him interact with my cats, the spontaneous cups of tea and snacks he brings me, watching our shows, going to the gym, coaching each other through 1rms and all the things I feel like I've maybe taken for granted and not cherished in the moment. I know I can't force him to change his mind, he's stubborn and once his mind is set on things he's hard to sway or compromise with. But I love him fiercely, and feel so devalued and used, and that I was just a time-filler until he was able to meet "the one." I didn't think he was "the one" until August this year.

if you made it this far, thank you <3

tl;dr my soulmate has decided I'm now not his soulmate, even though our relationship has been beautiful and wonderful. Am I a naive idiot.
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2021.12.02 10:04 Kabom_X What's your No.1 tip to keep up with study motivation?

What's your no. 1 tip to keep up with motivation to study while starting to feel burned out and under stress?
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2021.12.02 10:04 Mickey6770 Grew it myself, it aint much but its mine and im pretty damn happy

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2021.12.02 10:04 mysaldate Human Baden Rayne from the official comic The Silent Blade aka the most precious cinnamon roll. How are you enjoying the comic so far?

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2021.12.02 10:04 Thine56 [NESTENN SAINTGENIS] Présentation VILLA #7

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2021.12.02 10:04 rebes88 [WTS] Omega Seamaster Pro Diver 300m 36mm Midsize Co-Axial Black Ceramic SMPc

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2021.12.02 10:04 rwoooshed Norway marks 11,274 new BEVs sold over November

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2021.12.02 10:04 Chijersey I have two tickets for the knicks vs hornets game (I can’t attend the game)

I have tickets for 2 ppl for Knicks v hornets and the game is at Madison Square Garden on January 17, 2022 at 1pm. It’s Section 3, Row 10, Seats 7-8. The asking price is $274.48, I can be flexible with the price.
Share this with your family and friends. If you have any questions please feel free to DM me!
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2021.12.02 10:04 YTLinkerBot Elon is trying hard to deal with a dangerous global problem, but Russia is ruining EFFORT of SpaceX

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2021.12.02 10:04 RoyalMain3240 Yo

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2021.12.02 10:04 GuilhermeT11 Já é arere na Austrália!

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2021.12.02 10:04 ShodyLoko Long exposure of air traffic arriving and leaving the airport.

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2021.12.02 10:04 thanospuu agalar 3 aydir pompaciydim kovulduk aq sorulari alayim

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2021.12.02 10:04 LeslieParke Thank God I'm a scorpion and not an asparagus

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2021.12.02 10:04 samwise1994 Upgrading to Windows 11 on unsupported system.

So i'm thinking about upgrading to windows 11 on my 4th gen Intel.
Of course this isn't naively supported but I was wondering if people have had any problems with activation as I've heard the only way to upgrade is doing a fresh install on non supported systems?
As a fresh install usually requires a product key to active again this would not be ideal as don't want to pay for another key.
Will I have to buy a new key or is there a way to upgrade using my previous Windows 10 install.
I do not have my previous Windows 10 activation key as Windows came with the PC and I didn't buy fresh.
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2021.12.02 10:04 tekkenfanaticlfc Which team do you all prefer if you at to rank them.

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2021.12.02 10:04 NvidiaCPU 6 ayda nereyi kazanabilirim?

Eşit ağırlıktan sınava hazırlanıyorum. Şu ana kadar işlediğimiz bütün matematik konularını temel düzeyde biliyorum. Ama çok uzun bir süredir adamakıllı ders çalışmıyordum. Eşit ağırlıkçıyım. Çok çalıştığım bir senaryoda en iyi ihtimalle nasıl bir sıralama elde ederim
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2021.12.02 10:04 luna-needs-coffee Need a name for her besides grace

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2021.12.02 10:04 shaiddar Eldar Advent confirmed???

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2021.12.02 10:04 Mad_Cheese KS-23 is a poor man's GL.

Or am I wrong?
I see people complaining about it lots. But I also see 90% of factory staff (not kidding) running this thing every run. Even if I get them, if they farted in my general direction it's either 2 mins of furious surgery or a green stimmy that costs more than that damn gun. I lose, either way.
No problems with it being in the game. I just feel like it should be 400k seriously, or at least the 150k flea market price. Why am I wrong? I'm surely missing something
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2021.12.02 10:04 NoPoint2535 Hello. I recently delved into HP Lovecraft and am now obsessed. Does anyone have any recommendations for more highly descriptive gothic horror sci fi world building reads (like At the Mountains of Madness or Rats In the Walls) which also were written back in the day? Thanks in advance!

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