Worlds a Fuck 😔💔

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2021.12.02 09:57 s_shake Worlds a Fuck 😔💔

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2021.12.02 09:57 Aluuuuuishere Art by me! A previous commission for Danyak

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2021.12.02 09:57 SeniorFox How do you view your horizon photo gallery off Xbox? Ie. I want to be able to transfer my in game photos to my laptop.

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2021.12.02 09:57 IwishIhadaferrari45 If an MLB expansion franchise was created in your hometown, what would be its mascot?

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2021.12.02 09:57 ballthyrm Rocket Lab - Neutron Rocket - Development Update

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2021.12.02 09:57 Atkangaroolover Beginning and end of decade

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2021.12.02 09:57 Spirited_Work_4997 💎 Mini Raca 💎 Just Launched 1 Minutes 🚀 Low Cap with chary only goes up 💎 Ready to Moon hard 💎 Do not miss this 1000X Gem!

Are you tired of fake projects, rug pull and shit/meme tokens?
A losing investor saying `` We also missed this train '' Don't miss it now ❗️
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1️. Mutual agreement news with hotels, casinos and tourism agencies including usage areas
2️. Strong team of engineers and marketers
3️. Original and comprehensive whitepaper
4️. Mobile app
What's MRACA Protocol ?
MRACA protocol aims to create a system where users can benefit from discounts and special privileges thanks to the mobile application that will be created with tourism agencies, hotels, airline companies and casinos.
For use in hotel reservations, flight tickets and casino expenses all over the world. MRACA Protocol , which has already distinguished its place among the most powerful coins in Binance Smart Chain , carries out strategies to maximize the satisfaction of its investors and users with the smart contract it creates.
🟡 Token Information 🟡
Name / Symbol : Mini RACA / MRACA
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000
Type : BEP20
📱 Mobile App
✅ Coingecko / CoinMarketCap
🎯 Coinsniper
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🏷️ Contract Address: 0xE7610EfD89BAb15bECC55A60726D336a4a70cB71
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.12.02 09:57 Ecstatic-Operation90 dude…

shugoki can run faster then shinobi wtf
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2021.12.02 09:57 Judeliciouz I have an extreme fear of death and I heard that it’s related to the 8H, I have a Taurus moon 29°/N node 25° in my 8H, square my 10H and 5H, I googled the meaning and read that it indicates longevity and in other websites the opposite, what does it actually mean?

I have an extreme fear of death and I heard that it’s related to the 8H, I have a Taurus moon 29°/N node 25° in my 8H, square my 10H and 5H, I googled the meaning and read that it indicates longevity and in other websites the opposite, what does it actually mean? submitted by Judeliciouz to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 09:57 Dry-Wrangler-5873 Bowman platinum Eloy

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2021.12.02 09:57 squirrleyhooker Gold medal clarification

Just finished my second 100% playthrough and I’m finally going back for golds.
Can someone explain how the clock and accuracy mechanics function?
For the clock, when does it start counting? Do cutscenes count? What happens to the clock if I skip a cutscene? If I pause the game, is the clock still running? If I replay a checkpoint, I assume the clock objective is just null at that point. Is that right?
What about other objectives? If I need to finish without using a health tonic, but my health gets too low, can I restart the objective or do I have to ride all the way back to the mission start again?
For the accuracy, I’ve had several runs where I know I have hit the enemy with every shot, but not every shot was a kill. I seem to miss the objective unless they’re all kill shots. Do I need to have 80% kill shot accuracy?
Any other quirks or mechanics I need to be aware of as I start this adventure from chapter 1 onwards?
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2021.12.02 09:57 Pink0612152504 Clone

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2021.12.02 09:57 clwn27 Windows 11 on external SSD

I normally run Windows 11 and Pop OS on Dual Boot. Run in several problems that my Linux Partition broke.
I only need Windows for 3-4 Games, espacially for CS with Faceit and other 3rd Party Anti-Cheats.
Is it possible and how would be the performance, if i run Windows on an external SSD over USB just for Windows? I know that it is possible, but i dont wont to lose performance while gaming on Windows.
Would be nice if someone who tried it could share his experience.
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2021.12.02 09:57 flexer676 Happy birthday juice

Happy birthday juice wrld wish you were here to celebrate 23 fly high king you are the goat thanks for all the great music and helping me with your music
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2021.12.02 09:57 bibbeeek Nepal's a heaven. 🇳🇵

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2021.12.02 09:57 InterviewUpset9049 Minimum exchange BTC to VeChain

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all doing well.
I have a question regarding the exchange minimum from BTC to VeChain inside of exodus.
Yesterday the minimum was 160$ (with 8 dollar fees included). Today the minimum for exchange is 240$.
Can anyone enlighten me as to what affects the minimum amount ?
Thank you all in advance :)
(Also, great wallet, great team ; thanks for everything).
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2021.12.02 09:57 BallerBoi797 Indoor Basketball Courts in Northwest London

I want to become an NBA player, and I usually go to the YMCA centre branch after school, but the court closes at 4:30, so I have barely any time to train. I was wondering if there were any open indoor basketball courts anybody knows about in Northwest London that close later.
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2021.12.02 09:57 Zachary_Carroll15 ❤❤✔✔❤❤

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2021.12.02 09:57 Kvet94 WTS ist'd occy L4 rune offer (ist+)

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2021.12.02 09:57 EijirouDaishin "May I have the pleasure of this dance?" (Art + Workflow GIF)

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2021.12.02 09:57 Leading-Age-3917 Help me please

how I can build the circuit to Current body sensor
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2021.12.02 09:57 yjgstar Black cat and Slippers

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2021.12.02 09:57 billiebuster Just watched a documentary about the storming of the capitol and I have to say that the US is better then any comedy on earth

How can they be so stupid and in denial and still function in everyday life. There was literally a guy who stood meters from the fighting claiming that the people fighting wasn’t trump supporters but instead people trying to make trump supporters look bad.
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2021.12.02 09:57 Eredin762 What to watch after amazing epic shows like Deadwood, Black Sails, Rome?

What's up guys I'm feeling like I just have seen all of the good gems in television and I've got that emptiness inside me after finishing Rome, I'm a big fan of epic themed TV shows, and these were the last I have watched ( Deadwood, Black Sails, Rome ), this community helped me a lot with recommendations so I hope you can give me some more good stuff to watch, I will list some of the best and worse in my opinion:
ALL TIME:1 - The Sopranos 2 - The Wire 3 - The Shield 4 - True detective (S01 and S03) 5
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2021.12.02 09:57 svanapps Jack Dorsey’s Square changed its name to Block

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