Someone here mentioned that the podcast photo of Rita was the wedding photo. Well here you go!

2021.12.02 10:53 Myko234 Someone here mentioned that the podcast photo of Rita was the wedding photo. Well here you go!

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2021.12.02 10:53 chobanie How do you change your mindset?

Currently, it's gotten extremely hard to stay positive due to recent events. I was on a pretty long streak of staying positive and focusing on what I wanted. The university I go to has informed me that they no longer have any housing for spring housing applicants and that I'll be waitlisted with no guarantee. I applied kinda late so I have no doubt that I'll be lower on the list. I live across the state so I have no option to commute and all of my classes are in-person. My education is very important to me and this is very disheartening. I tend to give up on the idea of being able to manifest what I want when things go wrong because I simply feel like nothing goes right for me sometimes. How do I change this mindset?
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2021.12.02 10:53 xRonstoppablex Isshin Ashina NG+ question

I’ve been stuck on Isshin and Emma for 4 days. I’m playing on NG+ and have up to this point beat every boss in NG+ (save for Genichiro and Guardian Ape who both took me 3 times due to having to learn the dodge vs parry technique needed to win). Emma is an absolute pain in my butt. I can either get through her without taking a hit, dying halfway through the fight, or getting killed pretty quick in. The thing that screws me up with her is when she dodges back after a string of attacks, and either stays still or does a quick slash forward. I always get nailed with that slash because I try and close the gap. I can get through Isshin’s first phase pretty much consistently but his second phase, it’s like I lose all knowledge of how to fight him. Today, I got through Emma, and his first phase without a single death, and I didn’t use any spirit emblems. I got to his second phase, and was doing great. Then my son sat on the remote and changed the input to our Roku, this caused me to die. I resurrected and went back in. I used my mortal blade after to do hefty damage after as a means of redemption after that first death. I had him down to a single blow. When I say single blow, I’m talking the health bar showing on my 70” TV was less than 1/8” thick. He would have died if I’d blown on him too hard. I ran in, and used my mortal blade on him, and it was like the game glitched through. He was setting up for his big flame attack, and I was right on him. I did it and the attack didn’t touch him, it was like it went right through. I did this same attack twice earlier in the fight, and both times it took knocked him out of his set up. This time, however, it didn’t do anything. Needless to say, he hit me with the attack and killed me. My entire time playing, I’d never once thought about quitting…today, I considered snapping the disc in half. The Sword Saint only took me a night to get through once I could figure out how to overcome his second phase. I’d just take a fight with that second phase 3 times over this one. Hell, I beat DOH after 5 tries. I just needed to get into each phase and learn the new moves to be successful. But this fight…**** this fight! Any help with how to get through that last phase would be a huge help. (No cheese please)
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2021.12.02 10:53 RestaurantAny6127 SHIBADA | Stealth Launch | Don't miss the next Shiba Hype Token, ShibADA | ADA/SHIB Rewards | Huge potential Gains

BSC Token | With the hype of Shiba rising and the strong love for ADA, we combine the two in this epic adventure! Super low market cap gem with huge potential based off the name alone!
None of this complicated rebase token stuff were taking it back to simple rewards for loyal holders!
Utilities will be introduced on demand of the community! Listening to what everyone thinks is best!
About ShibADA 🐶
ShibADA is a frictionless yield generating protocol. All you have to do is hold ShibADA in your wallet. The holders are automatically rewarded Shib and ADA by holding. This is done by charging a 10% tax on all transactions. 7% will go to holders, while 1% gets added back into the liquidity pool, creating a never ending pump and 2% goes towards marketing!
Perfect entry point after the first initial dip!
A couple details about ShibADA!
🐶 Total Supply:
🔒 Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Contract
🔥 10% Buy/Sell Tax
🚀 7% ADA Reflections!
🔒 1% Auto added to Liquidity
ShibADA is a community driven token lead by a based and safe dev!
Community Driven token, renounced owner ship and locked liquidity! What more can you want with a new Low MC Stealth Launch! Don't miss this hidden gem!
Liquidity lock for 3 year, increased at certain market caps!
Contract address: 0x4445f7fe659dcf99888e69d6348c04714b59ecd6
Renounced Ownership:
LP Locked:
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2021.12.02 10:53 MathMythMassMess Shortcut! (solution link in comment box)

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2021.12.02 10:53 sensesalt Sons of Anarchy Leaving Netflix in January 2022

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2021.12.02 10:53 JordanGio10 Jeremy Lin comeback to the raptors

Should Jeremy Lin return to the raptors?
View Poll
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2021.12.02 10:53 trukturner Jackie Laugh

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2021.12.02 10:53 HEAT91 Cody putting himself through a flaming table but still winning the match is part of a larger story that is slowly unfolding. You fed shills are just so used to dumb WWE feuds that you can't appreciate the nuanced progression of AEW storylines. This is part of a much larger story...

...right?? 🥺
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2021.12.02 10:53 jookco Joan Desmond Death - Dead - Obituary News : Everyone at Cork City FC is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Joan Desmond, Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.02 10:53 AlienMeow7 The upcoming queue button disappeared, restarting steam doesn’t fixes. What should I do

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2021.12.02 10:53 Machok_ Offering: English, Polish (Native) Seeking: Italian, French

I’m learning Italian from scratch with a bit of help from duolingo and I’d call myself “intermediate” in french.
I was learning English since I went to kindergarten so I basically learnt English like a native.
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2021.12.02 10:53 fammagastagarataka Dreamt that i was browsing on reddit, and saw this r/memes post

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2021.12.02 10:53 chillingismybusiness What band(s) do you have tattooed on your body?

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2021.12.02 10:53 CuriousTurnip7163 I’m missing summer. Mag loop, Ontario

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2021.12.02 10:53 salxis PPSI 💎

today is the day
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2021.12.02 10:53 Heathies sultry look for today (27f)

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2021.12.02 10:53 Old-Ingenuity-8069 Was wisst ihr über „Lustiger Bos***“?

Ich habe eben eine Speisekarte gelesen. Hier fand ich den Begriff Lustiger Bo****. Ein gefülltes Rumpsteak. Jetzt habe ich einige Fragen zu dem Begriff, da Google nichts her gibt. Ist der Begriff verwerflich? Wer hat es erfunden? Was soll er bedeuten?. Vielleicht wisst ihr mehr.
Sternchen, da mein letzter Post gelöscht wurde.
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2021.12.02 10:53 Lathari Here couple more photos of my SIC, 2020 model, double C option.

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2021.12.02 10:53 Glittering-Dirt7673 alinity - Super giant ...HOT

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2021.12.02 10:53 LeRoiGitan Questions about watermark

Hey guys,

So my armor watermark is starting to reach the cap (i'm already at 591 for feet, rest of my armor is around 585).
I have a few questions regarding watermark cap.

When reaching 591 on a slot (my feet for example) :
- I'll drop between 586 and 600gs feet from Elite Chest (and boss) in Myrkgard / Eternal Pools / Siren's / Lazarus and Genesis right ? (and lower from lower-level elite spot such as Mangled Heights for ex)
- Since I'm 591 on this particular slot, I have a chance to loot a 600Gs legendary right ?
- Are legendaries from drop always 600 GS ? Can I get an uncommon, rare or epic drop with 600GS ?
- Yesterday, I got 600GS Mining boots (+15% luck while mining) : is this drop related to watermark or just a lucky drop ?

Sorry if my questions are not clear, hope you guys can help me on this one : it's not crystal clear for me yet :D

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2021.12.02 10:53 Knuffelbij I woke up late and alone... Knew nothing but my home...

With the background and perspective this is a lot more ambitious for me than I'm used to but I think she came out very cute! What do you think?
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2021.12.02 10:53 niftyww Training to be a QA

I looked into Careerist but read some bad stuff about it here on this subreddit. I spent 9.99$ on a course from udemy about software testing covering test scenario, test cases, test execution, jira, bugzilla, an overview of automation, and resume and interview prep.
My question is, after doing this udemy course do you think I will have any chance at getting a job in manual testing? What can I do to increase my chances?
I grew up in silicon valley near San Jose and I live in that area.
Thank you!
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2021.12.02 10:53 celebskart Georgia Harrison

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2021.12.02 10:53 svanapps The bigger picture: What does El Salvador’s Bitcoin city mean for the global crypto market?

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