Using an array to find variable when xn = yn

2021.12.02 10:58 crippledpope2 Using an array to find variable when xn = yn

Hi all, I’m a phd student modifying existing climate models to use my own data.
I’m looking for how I would go about calling a variable based on the value of other variables in that array?
I have varying Wavelengths and their respective Average Single scattering Albedos, I want to create it such that when wavel equals a given value, the programme will read the given Average Single Scattering Albedo at that point. This would continue as the programme has a looping increase in wavelengths.
EG WAVEL SSA 100 0.1 200 0.2 300 0.3 400 0.4
My initial idea was to do something simple such as:
But this doesn’t seem to work.
Preferably I would use the value of WAVEL rather than SSA’s position on the array so I could change the input file size.
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2021.12.02 10:58 Petrico94 Designing Blink Dagger to Build From Smaller Items?

Heres a scenario, youre in offlane playing as an initiator or some other hero without innate mobility. Lane goes fine and you buy your boots but now your next item Blink Dagger. No problem, just farm to 1000 gold and, buy nothing. Of course the carrys are farming for damage and essentials in pieces but you're stuck getting a sizable item with no intermediate parts. You could get into team fights but that could be risky towards the gold you do have. Meanwhile you see the support buy a fluffy hat seconds before dying, they just need the recipe for their Force Staff and youre just hoping you dont have to buyback.
Assuming the final price and item stays the same, what could be potential items that turn into one of the single most important items heroes need to build for +2k gold.
One issue is there are no stats to it so any items that make a Blink Dagger would lose value or have to be like Shadow Amulet, 1k gold for a crappy invisibility item but eventually does make Shadow Blade (with other stats). I wouldnt say it needs the stats but what if you could have 2 Crowns plus a recipe, drop the stats when its done while everyone feels safer as they make it or can get more damage as they farm wherever the main carry isnt. Force Staff similarly could be made cheaper without the stats but for balance sake costs mostly the same as dagger in total to prevent heroes from solving their mobility too early.
It just feels like the only core item that so many need to buy but you dont get anything halfway. There are other items to make for the rest of the team if no one else will like urn or mekanism, but you're just reminded that your not turning that gold into the one item that is essential to your role.
If they dont want to change it that's fine to, but what are some ways they could?
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2021.12.02 10:58 Talseum Actually managed to finish a Horizon Arcade today !

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2021.12.02 10:58 Suspicious-Bag7749 Stripped screw on laptop fan

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2021.12.02 10:58 OkDefinition1556 Signed 10/20. Funded 12/2

Signed for 1.5MM increase on 10/20
Call from SBA Attorney about updating resolution on or around 11/5
Funds in bank this morning 12/2.
CAWEB changed almost simultaneously in fact funds posted about an hour before CAWEB changed
I called CSR once or twice but never escalated or made a ruccus about funding. Based on everythig I read on this board calling, no matter how many times, rarely resulted in answers or concrete progress. It seemed to only lead to frustration. I just checked CAWEB 3x a day a figured it would happen when it would happen.
I cannot thank everyone on this board enough for the help. It has been invaluable both in terms of getting to the finish line and emotional support. For those still waiting on approval and/or funding hang in there and heed the advice on this board. I had an initial denial and rescued it through some backchanels without going into the recon pit of hell. I was out, then a glimmer of hope, then approved, then 45 days of purgatory waiting on funding. In the end I am overwhelmed with gratitude to SBA and the folks on this board.
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2021.12.02 10:58 theneedfull Question about downgrading my seller plan.

Hi, so I've been selling my 3d printed stuff on Etsy and it's been doing well, so I decided to sell one of my products on Amazon and use FBA, so I don't have to bother with shipping products out.
It has taken like 6 weeks, but I got my first 2 sales these past few days. But when I signed up, the only option it let me do was to sign up for the professional plan at $40 per month. At this time, I'm definitely not going to get 40 sales in a month. But when I go to downgrade that plan, it basically gives me a warning that it's going to close my account, and that I'll have to ensure that my FBA items are shipped back to me. Is there any option here for me to move to the non professional plan and stay on FBA, and not have my account shut down?
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2021.12.02 10:58 awecasper Casper vs Solana - CSPR Ghost Staking

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2021.12.02 10:58 Kuro_Otaku Double Z0 Gundam

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2021.12.02 10:58 Scotty_with_a_shorty Male Vireras are the true chads

Wood-warders Despite being excluded from villages, male Viera still play an important role in Viera society by taking on the mantle of Wood-warders, serving as protectors of the forest. The duty of a Wood-warder is to ensure that the domain of their tribe is untouched by the destructive whims of outsiders.
Male Viera return to their village every three to five years not only to mate but to claim any young males that have entered adulthood yet still live within the village, as their wards, to teach them how to survive in the wilderness on their own and without the crutch of companionship.
Only after many seasons of training and strict adherence to the Word of the Wood will the students earn the title of master and be allowed to seek solitude.
The training required to become a Wood-warder often leaves more than a few to perish during the brutal rite of passage, further thinning the number of males in the tribe.
It is standard that Wood-warders attack from the shadows, often shooting first and not even bothering with asking questions.
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2021.12.02 10:58 celebskart Joan Smalls

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2021.12.02 10:58 ShimmiShimmiCocoaPop Birria-Tacos

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2021.12.02 10:58 Elysium0103 I am so sorry for consuming too much luck

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2021.12.02 10:58 abcd_BD Scripting

Hi, it's me again, i have some question for you guys ( a step to step answer would be appreciated ) i want to make an image move on the Y coordinate in various situation, il make an example :
U = image (let's say a dot for e.g.) with Var_screen==1 and 100 or -1
Var_screen=1 Shows
U text 1 Text 2 Text 3
" Tapping" on text 3 would result in viewing
Text 1 Text 2 U text 3
And so for tapping on text 2
For now I'm using the opacity field with var_screen==100 or -1 since those text lead to other var_screen= , so I'm using one image for every text but what i want to know if it's possible is to use just one image for all those things, moving it around when tapping and turn the opacity down when not needed, something like the tv menu.
Question 2 How do I " make " an animation ? I know transparent gifs don't work, but in case I could get frame by frame images how could I animate them ? Tweening? How?
Q.3 Does someone know if there will be new updates for WM ? A jump to last layer and jump to first layer action would be cool
I had some more but writing those down made me forget the others 🤠
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2021.12.02 10:58 Cautious_Tone8313 Inaccurate measurement of propensity points

hello i just wanna ask if its only me who experiences this? I had a mission on killing 75 level 39 bull warriors in Bicheon Valley 3F. Finished the mission twice, shouldve decreased at 150 points but the propensity points decreased is below a hundred 😀
I took this as I noticed my points because i was afk. Started the mission as soon as i started farming for points. Is the measuring really inaccurate? any similar situations? 😭
BG info: -3k propensity points accidentally killed 3 bots 🥲
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2021.12.02 10:58 matias2028 Happy belated 18th anniversary to Matrix 3

The movie was released on November 5, 2003 and grossed $427 million worldwide, which made it at the time the 51st highest-grossing movie in the world (it would've been the 47th if The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and The Exorcist had never been re-released) and the 9th highest-grossing R-rated movie in the world ((behind Matrix 2, Terminator 2, Saving Private Ryan, Matrix 1, Pretty Woman, Gladiator, The Exorcist and Terminator 3) it would've been the 8th (behind Matrix 2, Terminator 2, Saving Private Ryan, Matrix 1, Pretty Woman, Gladiator and Terminator 3) if The Exorcist had never been re-released). It's now the 288th highest-grossing movie in the world (it would be the 284th if The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and The Exorcist and The King's Speech had never been re-released) and the 32nd highest-grossing R-rated movie (it would be the 30th if The Exorcist and The King's Speech had never been re-released)
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2021.12.02 10:58 chaaotic98 Eczema fix

Am considering an extended fast to heal a recent psoriasis flare up. I usually get a prescription of antibiotics and topical steroid creams, but I don’t enjoy those nor want to build a resistance to the medicine.
Has anybody experienced fasting for psoriasis or eczema? I’ve read in journal articles that it’s potentially effective but would love some anecdotal info too :)
Plan is to start tomorrow for 3-5 days, depending how it goes
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2021.12.02 10:58 shiter23931 trading yellow hg

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2021.12.02 10:58 Familiar_Pride3552 The NEW TipsyAPES NFTs are almost here!

The NEW TipsyAPES NFTs are almost here! Unleash your unique superpower inside the TipsyWorld Adult Metaverse!
Just a few days until the new TipsyApes NFTs will be released (11-20/30).
#tipsyworld #virtualland #tipsylabs #tipsyonline #metaverse #AI #VR #CEX #ROKOKO
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2021.12.02 10:58 Jaych1990 Y’all duct people crazy yo

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2021.12.02 10:58 thekeeperofwords vickat’s marriage not a speculation anymore!!! It’s happening 💃

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2021.12.02 10:58 rocketinspace Daily Reed Richards panel, this is from Fantastic Four #44

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2021.12.02 10:58 ElectedSoup We got em

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2021.12.02 10:58 asocial7193 Blursed Spiderman/woman!?

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2021.12.02 10:58 IvanRuski Odette's bug with Calamity Reaper.

Everytime Odette casts a skill, she gains a stack of her passive, Lakeshore Ambience, which modifies her next basic attack. However, this basic attack cannot trigger Calamity Reaper's passive Calamity.

  1. Odette casts a skill, gaining a stack of her passive as well as triggering Calamity Reaper's visual effect.
  2. The next basic attack does not apply Calamity's passive true damage, but instead does Odette's passive.
  3. If Odette manages to remove all stacks of Lakeshore Ambience and still have Calamity Reaper's visual effect, the true damage will follow through on said basic attack without Odette's passive.
Not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature to restrict Odette's poking power, just putting it out there.
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