Emailing an extremely beautiful and charismatic girl from Zoom

2021.12.02 10:57 slotherist Emailing an extremely beautiful and charismatic girl from Zoom

(language class)
We were vibing on Zoom this week when we got randomly assigned 1 on 1. We were both smiling and laughing the whole time and it was great. Or maybe I'm just projecting what I want her to feel. She's also freaking great in class, I feel like we match up on skill. Regardless, I'm thinking of sending her the following email to her school account-

I really enjoy working with you in Zoom, every time you are my partner it makes class way more interesting. I’m wondering if you’re up for practicing the oral exam before we take the actual test. We can do Zoom, Skype, or whatever else. I just don’t have Facebook or IG (recently got off the Metaverse). You’re very fun to work with, I like your sense of humor, and I like your smile and laugh. No stress if you don't feel that. I hope you agree though, and I'm excited to work with you in the future regardless.

Creepy? I know it's cheesy. I was thinking of throwing a metaphor about how her smile is a thunder bolt and it strikes me like lightning but I think that's way too much. Thoughts? Pretty confident she was feeling the same by how she would laugh at everything I say and she smiled a lot. She also made sure to milk our 1v1 until the last minute (like the 60 second countdown). Should I just give up dating and leave humanity behind as a monk? Being a guy is hard sometimes.
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2021.12.02 10:57 ThatAstraVerde very *wholesome* Krerdly comic

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2021.12.02 10:57 Arkatech1836 Emily Compagno Fox News

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2021.12.02 10:57 nightwing612 Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Ep. 15 - Family Ties (1)

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2021.12.02 10:57 seuraddfgdfg CHILL APE CLUB

📷$100.000 donation to #TeamSeas📷
📷$100,000 OR Tesla model S 2021 giveaway📷
Whitelist open now, don't miss out!
Discord server:
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2021.12.02 10:57 Johnkramer-drip Tf2 dead on Xbox?

Just got the Disc for orange box and I don’t want to assume I’ve wasted my money I just want to know if players still play Xbox tf2 because I really wanna play😢
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2021.12.02 10:57 1LARGEboy removing block highlight without modifying game files. (1.18)

Hello, I would like to know if there is possibly some way that I could remove the black cube outline that appears around a block when you aim your crosshair at it. I don't really want to use mods or anything that I can't join a server with, so maybe there's like a resource pack for it? It just kind of seems like something that could be achieved with a resource pack from my perspective. Thank you in advance for any help that anyone provides.
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2021.12.02 10:57 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Collins won't comment on Kavanaugh's questions in abortion case ¦ CNN on Youtube

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2021.12.02 10:57 codamission I feel like I've experienced my first heartbreak, and its unfortunate that it happened later than most people, because it came with unalterable life consequences

I [23M] have spent the last few days moping over a woman [19M] and have lost the motivation for virtually anything I enjoyed. I feel alone, unlovable, and crippled. And while, logically, I understand that it was minor compared to other people's, me being me, I have invested too much too quickly into a relationship that was doomed from the start. I feel like I have to tell the story of what could have been, who she is and was, and what I feel I have missed and will never have a chance at.
I met a girl, L, on a dating app in late July, and we immediately hit it off. Within sentences, a joking conversation turned to innuendo and dirty talk. Intelligent conversation is sexy in itself, but when the person is just as kinky as you, its just that much sweeter. Sure, there was friction on subjects like politics, religion and life philosophies, but we had the next best thing to complete compatibility: respectful disagreement. Even when we argued, being able to communicate well and exercise respect and restraint deescalated things. She liked that I spoke Spanish and that I could write well. I liked her gorgeous red hair and her daddy kink. I gave her pet names like Ginger and Bebecíta, things she adored. She made me feel more sexually experienced, ironic since she was more than I, and thought I was more than her. I didn't care. From the moment we talked, there was a sexual element, and from that foundation was built platonic friendship. A sexting buddy was a friend, they were baked into each other.
Naturally, we both wanted to meet, but were dismayed by a long distance (and my lack of car). But there were more challenges even when I did get one. Not only was it difficult balancing a work and school schedule with texting the pretty girl I was dying to meet, but she warned me that she was part of a study abroad program- she had been to Israel last year, she was going again for a full year, and she expected she would remain there for several years at least after she gained citizenship. This...whatever it was... had a time limit. She even suggested that, if we didn't want to catch feelings for each other, we ought to stop whatever this was. I told her that she was probably right, but that, regardless, I had no intention of stopping, since she was enrapturing, and I would have as much of her as I could before she left. L said she admittedly was impressed by that. But still there was always something in the way of us meeting; missed opportunities, bad timing, and consoling ourselves with dirty messages and sexting, consoling each other and ourselves that another chance would come.
It never did. I never met her in person. In the last days before she left, I scrambled to find a moment, an afternoon, a few hours, but she spent it saying her final goodbyes to family. We made a point to stay in touch. Of course, despite the distance, it made no difference to people who never met up anyway. Until it did, and along came the day I was dreading. And she was fair, she forewarned it: not long after she arrived, she told me she found someone, and that it was getting serious. I joked that I was jealous of him, but that I enjoyed her as a person and that it naturally meant we should remain friends. She agreed. But I seethed. When next she mentioned him, it was 4am and I was alone with my thoughts. I did some math, and realized that if he met her and asked her out on day one, that left only 13 days before a relationship got serious. And then I dared ask.

I've been doing a lot of thinking. I first met you on a dating site. From when you and I matched, there was a flirty, sexual element. Being friendly came AFTER being flirty, but that sexual element was the foundation. And flirting turned to dirty messages. Pictures and videos that got sent back and forth, and awkwardly trying to meet up. It was the damndest shame it didn't happen, but I certainly feel like I put in the work to make it happen. And for a while, I tried to get closer, and to your credit, you warned me that you were leaving, and I hung in there anyway. I knew what would happen. I don't know if it had to do with you being one that I never got a fair chance with, or because you may very well be even kinkier than me, or because I just find you to be an interesting person, but I held on and held on, hoping I might have a chance at something with you. It may be stupid, sure there may be other women like you, but I said it before: I don't care. That's not how my brain works. If I want someone, I just do. And it was giving a lot of hope. Hell, I had hope that April might be a good time to meet up, and I was so disappointed when you said you'd met someone. And now you're seeing someone. Its been...what? A month now? Not long after you got to Israel? And I'm asking these questions about him now, partly because I want to know that you're happy and that someone's treating you well like you should be, and admittedly, partly because I'm worried, as a friend suggested, that maybe you knew him before you met me, and what I thought was a relationship that began after me was actually BEFORE me. Don't get me wrong, what happens happens and I'm not your mother. But thinking about all of this, and throw in lots of hard whiskey, and it makes a man wonder. It certainly seems that I'm the one who initiates conversation, so I have to assume you're just humoring me. Do you even want to talk half the time? It doesn't seem so. It didn't seem like you wanted to meet either. I can't be sitting around keeping a friendship going by phone on the off chance you'd be single and we might get together in April, especially if I think you're not really interested in continuing....whatever this is. Friends? Flirtations? Doesn't need a name. If I don't hear from you, I enjoyed every minute of your attention. Hope you enjoyed mine, Bebecíta.
She wrote back quickly. I won't quote her, but she explained that she didn't plan for it, nor did she juggle two guys. She met him on her last trip, and they hit it off, but she had to leave. Then, when she was set to return, she met me, and stumbled into a...whatever this was. Now that she was back, he asked her out and they continued. She was pleased I wanted to make sure he treated her well, and she said he does. She also said she wished we had met up like we both wanted, pointing out that we shared intimate life details. However, she doesn't expect to he single come April, and she expects we'll simply remain friends. I thought more on this. [She has since deleted this portion of her audio replies. I'm not sure why, I suspect something in it was compromising but can't put my finger on what. I have them saved separately for posterity]
Well that's just the problem for me. Like I said, I don't want to be just friends. If I said I was comfortable with that, I'd be that vulture of a guy sitting and waiting for a relationship to implode so he could get her on the rebound, and those guys aren't good people. Can't just be a friend on instagram that you used to send intimate things, shared parts of your life with, and now you talk to him about your boyfriend. There's a word for that. Friendzone.
You know something, I wanted to be so mad at this guy. I wanted to see him as a rival, and I knew that was stupid, and you picked him and all, but that's just how my brain works, I'm a guy. Fight men FOR women. Its incredibly ironic. The guy is doing exactly what I'm doing. You fooled around with him and left for America, and he still wanted something. And when it came time to go back, you met me and fooled around and left for Israel, and I still wanted something. And when you went back to Israel, he fucking saw his chance coming. I can't be mad at him, he felt the exact same way as me: he wanted just his one, fair chance.
She didn't understand this. I chalked it up to a guy thing.
Listen, because this parts important to me.
This meant more to me than it did to you. That's the way it is with a lot of guys like me if the circumstances are right, if a certain type comes along, I've known some guys who knew they were going to marry someone within the second date, and they were right, because that's the way guys are. Except for the most heartless bastards, men do in fact fall harder and faster than women, so this was MILD by those standards. But I still knew you and I were in different places. I was comfortable knowing you were in one place and I was in another, in that regard.
A girl I almost didn't want to bother talking to on Bumble became a girl of similar kinks. Then she was a girl who I enjoyed talking to everyday. And then we were talking about who wanted kids and who didn't, and I know enough women to know that's not a casual conversation even if both people are pretending it is. The girl I didn't want to bother talking to became Ginger, with the red hair that I wanted to hold and lips I'd die on, the one who didn't even like the idea that I would look at other women or find her friends attractive. The girl that liked having special nicknames, and I liked giving them. Changing habits so the other wasn't hurt, learning more about her brother with [Redacted disorder] in case you ever had a chance to meet him...yeah, this meant more to me than you. But I'm perfectly happy with what it meant.
Maybe you led me on. I don't care. I enjoyed it. But I also know you were vulnerable, too. I valued that, I was proud of it. It was trusting. I hope the old nicknames still hit in certain ways, and I hope no one ever calls you by them again. They're mine, and this guy can call you something else.
My final goodbye was an audio message.
To me, and only to me, I hope, you are Ginger. Gingersnap, Gingerblossom. Red....Bebecíta.
Her last audio message was an apology that it turned out how it did, along with a flustered "yeah" as though she were stunned by the honesty.
I felt like my feelings were invalid, since it was so short and so distant, but even someone I told and showed immediately said "Oh my god, she could have been it, couldn't she". Its the road I didn't take- the road I couldn't. And even if it ultimately made no difference on my life, I will, for the foreseeable future, constantly wonder what it might have been like, because I caught a small glimpse of its greenery.
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2021.12.02 10:57 Atylias Filming robot traffic jam and not helping... lost faith in humanity

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2021.12.02 10:57 Short-Hovercraft-740 Overcome test anxiety HELP

Just got my november score back… highly disappointed. I know it is a good score overall but i KNOW i can do better. Got a 160, and after not atudyong for three weeks and putting in minimal effort into a PT yesterday i scored a 167. When test day came o was frozen for the first RC and i know it killed me. Any tips??Still going to study, clean up my weaknesses before Jan. But this is #1 priority.
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2021.12.02 10:57 Wild-Bread4388 Could you please give me the moderator role for Docker_DevOps group. Both the moderator and admin are in active in this group. Tried requesting the access to post and no response in this group and no response.

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2021.12.02 10:57 wrestlevids Persia Pirotta

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2021.12.02 10:57 gamiseki1977 Cruz Azul: A un paso de hacer historia en su primera Final en la categoría Sub 20

Fuente: La categoría de Cruz Azul Sub 20 disputará su primera Final ante Santos y los juveniles buscarán hacer historia con conquistar su primer título, bajo el mando de Luis Alberto Orozco, quien en su etapa como jugador portó la casaca celeste. "Estoy muy contento en lo personal porque se rompen esquemas después de tanto tiempo y más en esta categoría. Estoy más contento por los muchachos porque descubren que pueden hacer más cosas de las que creían.
“Es la parte donde intervenimos los técnicos como docentes para enseñarles diferentes cosas para su desarrollo formativo, personal, su vida cotidiana y en lo deportivo", dijo en charla con RÉCORD el entrenador celeste. Por otra parte, más allá de la metodología técnico-táctico con la que está acostumbrada a trabajar la institución celeste para cumplir sus objetivos, el 'Chuleta' Orozco hizo mención de cuál fue la clave para llevar a su equipo hasta las últimas instancias, tras haber tomado el banquillo apenas en este semestre. "La disciplina es importante en este club porque aquí tienes que tener disciplina desde los pasillos, en las gradas, en el área de psicología, en el comedor, en todos lados y fue lo primero que propusimos llevar a cabo, tener esa parte en orden porque por consecuencia eso te lleva a la cancha tener un equipo ordenado y es lo que se ha visto en el equipo de Sub 20", indicó.
De este modo, se mantiene la esperanza de un nuevo campeonato en La Noria. Sin embargo, los cementeros se enfrentarán a un equipo experimentado en jugar finales e incluso ganarlas, pues mientras 'La Máquina' buscará su primer título, los Guerreros estarían peleando el quinto. "Al final son estadísticas. Nosotros lo que queremos es romper esos esquemas tanto en la institución como en la Liga. Nosotros queremos seguir ese camino que se tenía hace muchos años donde salían muchísimos jugadores y creo que vamos por buen camino. Sé que me enfrento con un técnico con experiencia, pero tengo fe en mi grupo que vamos a salir adelante y podemos conseguir el campeonato", concluyó. COMUNICACIÓN Y APOYO DEL PRIMER EQUIPO CELESTE Reynoso no solo logró consolidar un buen equipo previo a conquistar el tan anhelado campeonato, sino que además brinda apoyo a los técnicos de las categorías inferiores. "Desde que llegué me pude comunicar bien con Juan Reynoso y su cuerpo técnico, me abrieron la posibilidad de poder platicar con ellos de cómo estaba el grupo que yo iba a tener a cargo en este momento. De ahí viene la forma de trabajar más tranquilo porque vienen retroalimentaciones constructivas de parte de ellos hacía mí de dónde mejorar, dónde no y todo ese tipo de cosas", declaró para RÉCORD, el 'Chuleta' Orozco.
Cabe mencionar que en varias ocasiones el primer equipo ha estado presente para apoyar a las categorías inferiores en sus respectivos partidos, lo cual es de suma importancia para Orozco contar con el apoyo de sus superiores. "Me agrada mucho cuando de repente se acerca y le da un comentario a mi jugador, me lo dice a mí también y el que él esté siempre presente durante cada fin de semana sea de local o de visita en los palcos viendo los partidos de la Sub 20 a mí me genera tranquilidad porque los muchachos se dan cuenta que todo el cuerpo técnico del primer equipo viene a verlos y eso facilita también nuestro trabajo", concluyó. TAMBIÉN TE PUEDE INTERESAR: AMÉRICA: CÓRDOVA ES 'IGNORADO' POR AFICIONADOS EN LA ENTRADA DE COAPA
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2021.12.02 10:57 The_Sad_Memer Hope it's not too cursed :))

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2021.12.02 10:57 larrycover96 Just finished Emelda Braskov !

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2021.12.02 10:57 MMikekiMM [WTB] Your damaged hooded down jacket size XL

Looking for a 900 or 950 fill zippered, hooded down jacket. Hoping to find one with damaged sleeves that you want to sell on the cheap. Maybe you weren't careful and burned it, or snagged it. I want to cut the sleeves off and be left with a hooded vest...
Looking for a size XL.
What do you have?
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2021.12.02 10:57 enlitenme [rant] I'm so done with supply teaching but I can't get out!

Today is a snow day, so my job is canceled. We're now in month 4 of the school year and I haven't worked more than 3 days a week, partly because I don't have paid sick days, COVID days, or snow days. I found out they gave a short contract to a retired teacher instead of asking any of us newer teachers, and a permanent 50% job to someone not on that level of hiring pool -- the union rules are only applicable sometimes, it seems.
I'm busting my ass trying to cut a place for myself with the grade 7/8s that nobody else likes, but admin at that school are quite thankless and I'm so sick of the crude language I hear all day long. I could take spec ed part 2, math part 1 or high school qualifications courses and make myself more hirable, but I can't afford them.
I think I'm a good teacher, and I've given 120% in my full-time roles, but everything I loved about the job is gone.
And I'm really, really sick of going to bed at night not knowing if I'm working at a school or my second labour job in the bush in the morning. Mornings are chaos trying to be flexible between two very different jobs, and sometimes I get all ready for school (like today) and then there is nothing or it's canceled. I mentally can't handle the unknown every single day for much longer.
I can't pay my bills again this month. I am a smart, well-educated person with great experiences and I feel like a worthless failure after 4 years in education, struggling to keep the car I bought for school on the road and my phone connected so I can get calls for supply days.
I've been applying for jobs in instructional design and course writing, but haven't even had an interview. I can't even jump to a minimum wage job because my car expenses make that unaffordable.
I feel stuck and miserable and too broke to make any changes.
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2021.12.02 10:57 Rocky1-4 I did a surprise trade and think I got a legit shiny vulpix? I’ve been trading for hours, decided to do one last trade and shiny?! Had some obvious hacked shiny’s in the last couple hours… any obvious sign this is hacked? I wonder if the owner just missed it as they look similar with vulpix?

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2021.12.02 10:57 celebskart Jade Thirlwall

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2021.12.02 10:57 Haaazard Eradicator abilities detailed.

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2021.12.02 10:57 pilotlime427 Points based eventlab races.

Can anyone explain the rules please? Seems I cant win. Done 6 or 7 laps, sometimes in the lead. Rewind off, damage on ( I think) got more than 100 points. Wth?
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2021.12.02 10:57 Elihu_mrm I would LOVE a Steam Deck, but here is my big hesitation...

TLDR; In my experience, Valve has a history of releasing cool new things only to fail at follow-up and maintenance later. Why should I believe the Steam Deck will be any different?
I've had a Steam account since Steam was first released when I was in college. I love the idea of a hand-held device that I can use to play all my favorite games or plug into a monitor and keyboard for the PC experience. But here is my big hesitation...
Valve, as a company, has consistently demonstrated they do not care about follow-up.
They do a great job at putting out something new and flashy, but what about maintenance? What about updates and bug patches? What about long-term improvements?
Take a look at how the Dota 2 professional scene (which brings in millions per year) is handled last-minute or with no real care for fostering development. Look at the Steam Link which was quietly discontinued after three years (yes I know there is still software available). I'm sure there are examples from your favorite games as well.
I am aware of the "Valve Way" in that employees pretty much work on what they want to work on. I even heard it preached when I took a tour of their facility in the Spring of 2019. However when I, as a consumer, am looking to lay down a few hundred bucks for a can I have any confidence two or three years from now Valve will not have moved on to something new and shiny? How can I believe, based on prior evidence, that the same will not happen here?
I welcome thoughts or counter-arguments you may have.
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2021.12.02 10:57 bot_neen Es Claudia

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