Creepy/Dark Locations We Will Likely See in TWOW (Spoilers Extended)

2021.12.02 10:49 LChris24 Creepy/Dark Locations We Will Likely See in TWOW (Spoilers Extended)

In this post I thought it would be fun to discuss some of the creepiedark locations that we will likely see in TWOW (so sorry no Yeen, but if you don't know what Yeen is then please go look it up) and then discuss/theorize about how/if these places could affect the storyline.
The Creepy/Dark Locations that we Will See (or see more of) in TWOW Note: I am going to try and point out which POVs we could see these locations from, but it should be noted that Bran has the ability to see any of these locations that have an accessible weirwood/heart tree.
Note II: Its very possible that one (or more of these locations isn't as scary/terrible as it is made out to be from the rumors/legends that we get.
The Nightfort
POV: Melisandre (possibly Jon/Davos)

"His Grace has taken the Nightfort for his seat. In the south, he holds Storm's End and Dragonstone."
Maester Theomore cleared his throat. "Only for the nonce. Storm's End and Dragonstone are lightly held and must soon fall. And the Nightfort is a haunted ruin, a drear and dreadful place." -ADWD, Davos III
We have already seen the Nightfort when Bran and company travel through it on their way to Bloodraven. Throughout the series we have seen numerous creepy stories about this abandoned castle on the Wall.
The Nightfort had figured in some of Old Nan's scariest stories. It was here that Night's King had reigned, before his name was wiped from the memory of man. This was where the Rat Cook had served the Andal king his prince-and-bacon pie, where the seventy-nine sentinels stood their watch, where brave young Danny Flint had been raped and murdered. This was the castle where King Sherrit had called down his curse on the Andals of old, where the 'prentice boys had faced the thing that came in the night, where blind Symeon Star-Eyes had seen the hellhounds fighting. Mad Axe had once walked these yards and climbed these towers, butchering his brothers in the dark. -ASOS, Bran IV
We know that Stannis plans to make the Nightfort his seat, as well as the fact that he knows about the Black Gate:
Hope you're doing well! I hope this is a somewhat innocuous email that you might answer for me. Melisandre mentions that she expects Sam to show her (and Stannis, if I recall) the Black Gate under the Nightfort. There's no mention of Sam's having left Castle Black before taking ship to Braavos, so am I correct in assuming that he never returned to the Nightfort to show the gate to Melisandre?
GRRM: I am sure she found it on her own. -SSM, Melisandre and the Black Gate: 24 May 2010
POV: Davos
For half a heartbeat Davos considered asking Wyman Manderly to send him back to the Wolf's Den, to Ser Bartimus with his tales and Garth with his lethal ladies. In the Den even prisoners ate porridge in the morning. But there were other places in this world where men were known to break their fast on human flesh. -ADWD, Davos IV
Davos is currently en route to Skagos to rescue Rickon (and bind Manderly to Stannis).
SKagos is a backwoods/remote place that is technically part of the North (they rose in rebellion about a century ago). Not only should we get to see the island (and its supposed cannibals) but also could get some good history on the north, as well as potentially what drove Osha to take Rickon there. Below is the only event that we can be quite sure occurs on Skagos so far:
Far off, he could hear his packmates calling to him, like to like. They were hunting too. A wild rain lashed down upon his black brother as he tore at the flesh of an enormous goat, washing the blood from his side where the goat's long horn had raked him. -ADWD, Jon I
If interested: Everything We Know About Skaagos
POV: ?? (no guarantee we even see it but Jon/Davos/Melisandre/Arya are closest)
The destruction of Hardhome has always fascinated me. One of my first posts ever on this sub was a pretty tinfoily one about Valyrian dragonriders destroying Hardhome (mistaking it for Braavos) and while I doubt this is the case (there are much more likely options) the show and the current events at Hardhome should at least spark some "general creepiness vibes" going forward.
If interested: Anything/Everything Hardhome
Mantarys/The Demon Road
POV: Daenerys or Barristan or Tyrion or even Victarion (unlikely)
Daenerys (or whichever portion of troops or others) who take the Demon Road from Slaver's Bay to Volantis are likely to experience this road and city:
The road is described as dangerous and slow:
It was possible to go overland to Meereen, that much was true. The old Valyrian roads would take them there. Dragon roads, men called the great stone roadways of the Freehold, but the one that ran eastward from Volantis to Meereen had earned a more sinister name: the demon road. "The demon road is dangerous, and too slow," -ADWD, The Merchant's Man
"There is the land route," suggested Franklyn Flowers. "The demon road is death. We will lose half the company to desertion if we attempt that march, and bury half of those who remain beside the road. It grieves me to say it, but Magister Illyrio and his friends may have been unwise to put so much hope on this child queen." -ADWD, The Lost Lord
Between Meereen and Volantis lay five hundred leagues of deserts, mountains, swamps, and ruins, plus Mantarys with its sinister repute. A city of monsters, they say, but if she marches overland, where else is she to turn for food and water? The sea would be swifter, but if she does not have the ships … -ADWD, Tyrion VI
If interested: The Path Back to Westeros: The Demon Road
Greywater Watch
POV: I think this is one where Bran could def show the reader but Sansa/Sam/Arya/Jaime/Brienne all could pass through imo
A dozen streams drain the wetwood, all shallow, silty, and uncharted. I would not even call them rivers. The channels are ever drifting and changing. There are endless sandbars, deadfalls, and tangles of rotting trees. And Greywater Watch moves. How are my ships to find it?"
Due to the amount of plot info available here, it seems obvious why we haven't visited yet. and while it isn't as creepy as the other places liste there is so much history and magic that I felt I had to include it.
As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to limit this to the places we could potentially see in TWOW. This excludes places like Yeen/Asshai (in memory or flashback if at all) since we won't see them and places like Casterly Rock (because even though there are some creepier aspects like say the bowels of the Rock, it's not all in all a creepy/sinister location). That said I am sure I missed a few good ones.
If interested: Named Places with Unknown Locations in Westeros
TLDR: Just a short list of some of the creepy/sinister locations we could see in The Winds of Winter.
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