An argument that intelligent design is not really very different from evolution

2021.12.05 13:38 headlessplatter An argument that intelligent design is not really very different from evolution

A common approach to arguing against evolution is:

(1) Observe complexity or synergy in living things.
(2) Express incredulity that a process that relies on random mutations could lead to that.
(3) Propose that an intelligent designer is a better explanation.

The usual response is to try to explain how natural selection works. Unfortunately, people who make this argument are rarely interested in understanding how natural selection works. So I'd like to try a different approach. Instead of scrutinizing evolution, let's try scrutinizing intelligence, and see how this plays out:

When I design things, it seems as if relevant ideas just appear in my minds. Why does this happen? I am aware of two candidate explanations:

(A) The ideas came from a subconscious region of my mind.
(B) The ideas came from a supernatural dual (such as a spirit).

First, let's examine explanation (A). A greatly simplified explanation of how the subconscious mind is believed to find relevant ideas would look something like this:

(A1) Over my lifetime of experiences, my subconscious mind has constructed an internal model of my environment. For example, you might imagine dropping a rock. What will happen? You understand it will fall to the ground. You have just demonstrated that your mind has a model of your environment, and it uses it to simulate possibilities that have not yet occurred. That's what minds do.
(A2) When I want to design something, my subconscious mind explores many candidate design permutations.
(A3) My subconscious mind evaluates each candidate design using its internal model of my environment.
(A4) When my subconscious mind finds a design that seems effective--one that has desirable behavior in your mental simulation of reality--it forwards this design to my conscious mind for further scrutiny. (This is when the relevant idea pops into my conscious awareness.)

Okay, next let us examine explanation (B). How do spirits operate? Well, the scriptures are rather scant on details, but I was taught that the spiritual realm must operate according to some system of principles or laws. So I have total flexibility to imagine any set of physical laws that I want. Yet, even with this extreme flexibility, every mechanism I can imagine still resembles the process I described for (A). And, as far as I am aware, no other candidate mechanism has ever been proposed. Can you imagine any mechanism that is substantially different? I'll bet you cannot. Therefore, even if designs are made in a spiritual realm, they are probably produced by the same process of exploring candidate permutations of designs.

Thus, we observe intelligence also relies on random mutations to find effective designs!

As we look even closer, it can be observed that process (A) very closely resembles natural selection. The primary difference is that the subconscious mind uses a model of the world to select good designs, whereas natural selection leverages the real world itself to select them. To put it another way, brains are just evolution simulators that evolved because it made us more "fit" if we could explore possibilities without having to wait for the slow progress of Darwinian evolution! Yet, these evolution simulators must use a crude approximation of reality to evaluate their mutations. Considering this, isn't it surprising that some people tend to imagine intelligence will arrive at a superior design to one that has been refined against the real world?

Admittedly, if the designer's brain were sufficiently large, he could explore more candidate designs in parallel. So at some level of intelligence, his ability to find good designs would exceed that of natural evolution. However, a similar benefit can be given to evolution if we allow the populations to be arbitrarily large, or if we allow it to operate over a sufficiently long duration of time. Interestingly, the more I allow myself to examine alternate explanations, the more I come to the conclusion that there is ultimately only one explanation.
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Since i reached level 40 i dind'nt upgrade to take green 2021 medal, i'm wondering if my progress will be lost once i will upgrade to the 2022 medal. Cause in the progressbar is stuck to lvl 40.
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If I rotobrush out the object it tracks fine. But once I click a point in the timeline of which until I want it to mask, it says "propagating 1 of 178" and does 5 frames and then just gives me a black screen inside on the layer, not wanting to continue either. How do I fix this?
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2021.12.05 13:38 mayekchris Here's my interview with Fenneko's voice actress Katelyn Gault. The topic comes up around 10:30 until 25:00. Myself and Katelyn thank you all for your support! She has a message for the sub at the end too!

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2021.12.05 13:38 joes41stwife Teachers and deacons were shelf weights

I know when I was a teacher up on the stand, no one was "worthy." Maybe one person could've possibly been "worthy" at any given time (out of the 9 to 12 boys) "blessing and passing" the bread and water.
Nobody complained. Nobody said "this bread doesn't feel spiritual, I feel spiritually jipped." They just always felt the warm fuzzies or didn't care. If they felt all happy that's a red flag because it means it's not real. If they don't care it's a red flag that it's not true because if it were true they would care.
Nobody cared about swearing or holding the tray in their right hand or seeing who got passed to. Nobody cared about preparing/blessing it right. Nobody cared if bread was bought on Sunday. And no discernment existed to ever notice.
I'd imagine you guys had similar experiences.
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When I first joined this sub, I initially thought that "reverse chance me" meant that OP listed their chances at the schools they're applying to and people had to guess their extracurriculars 😭.
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2021.12.05 13:38 chetty25 Are there signs she’s “the one”?

Im M17 in high school and have OCD and a lot of general anxiety about relationships. Or more specifically, relationships ending. Im worried about getting broken up with but just as worried about having to break up with someone. Breakups suck, especially in high school when you still have to see each other and have mutual friends. So, I like this girl. She and i have been friends for a long time so im sure I enjoy being around here and am attracted to her. She seems perfect. Im not expecting to date her and get married, but are there signs that we’d be good together? For example, we don’t argue that much. I know arguments are a healthy part of any relationship, but is that a good sign? Maybe this question doesn’t even make sense. Idk. Thanks for reading, and advice is appreciated.
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2021.12.05 13:38 Mego254 “Split” the shipping?

So I have sold a few things in Depop, took my listing down cause it wasn’t for me. So Mercari is the only place I’ve sold. But a newbie asked me to “split the shipping”? It was the $5.99. I basically told them I use their prepaid labels and it’s a price with Mercari and USPS. But what exactly was this buyer meaning?
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2021.12.05 13:38 Xxxxyyzzzz Just explaining the way I am feeling.. Please give advice or opinions.

To start I am (23F) and she is also a (23F). We have currently been together for almost two years. We live together. Even have some animals.
I’ve always noticed and have said that being with her is a rollercoaster. It’s a constant up and down. Her mood for the day will set the tone for how our days will go. Some days she wakes up super happy super loving. Saying sweet things. But one wrong thing I do or say and it will be a complete switch. She will turn into this careless person. She will start degrading me. Bringing up the past, and making comments she knows will get to me. To just clarify I am not one to cause any problems or to do anything intentional, I am very easy going, I don’t like to retaliate. Anything she has told me she doesn’t like that would cause arguments I have stopped doing (example: talking to any male friends she doesn’t like, wearing certain clothing out, etc.) I have let her basically take control of my life. I don’t know how this happened. I used to be a very strong and independent person.
Anyways, in this relationship we started out fairly intimate, but as of a few months ago it came to a halt. On my end of course. And my reasoning for it is because it has been a rough couple of months. We have been going through a lot outside of our relationship as well as in it. Also because I have no urge or desire for intimacy. Maybe because of how I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Or maybe because of the way our relationship stands.
Last night I had fallen asleep and out of no where she started waking me up and trying to tell me how I don’t deserve her. How anyone in her position would have broken up with me by now because of the lack of intimacy. And she just kept going on and making other comments making me feel like absolute garbage. Since I was already asleep and she started all of this I kept dozing in and out which made her even more mad. Note this took place at 3 am.
I had to keep telling her to please stop. That this wasn’t the time for it and she would get louder and it was just a whole mess. I ended up falling back to sleep and then woke back up to her trying to cuddle me and her rubbing my arm and her telling me how much she loves me.
This relationship has really done a number on me. Mentally I’m messed up now. I don’t know who I even am anymore.
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