Bully Dog BDX issue!

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2021.10.16 17:39 a67camarov Bully Dog BDX issue!

I got a 2018 sierra 1500 5.3 4wd SLT that I got a Bully Dog BDX tuner for so I can delete the AFM or DOD whichever you want to call it... I can connect it to my truck but it says the truck is not yet supported however both American trucks (where I bought it) says it fits and Bully Dog says it works also... When I hook it up to my computer I can pull up the vehicle info off the BDX and it gives me my trucks info as well as it's VIN and then it says "- supported". So I'm confused what's going on with it... anyone have a similar issue and if so what was the fix?? Thank you!
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2021.10.16 17:39 giraffee125 [SELL][US] Skinceuticals Serums Free Shipping

Hello everyone! All items have been purchased in the last 5 months from Skinstore, BlueMercury, and Skinceuticals.com. I’ll discount bundles.
Shipping is included.
Shipping to US only and Paypal Goods and Services (I pay fees).
Please review your purchase as soon as it is delivered and confirm that everything arrived safely.
Resveratrol B E 80%-90% left (it’s hard to tell from the bottle so erring on side of caution with range), $100
Retexturizing Activator 95% left, $55
H.A. Intensifier 90% left, $70
Blemish and Age Defense 80% left, $55
Silymarin CF 0.13 fl oz sample bottles (5 bottles) brand new and unopened, $20 each or $80 for all 5
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2021.10.16 17:39 lilmissm0use Advice on changing roles internally?

Hey everyone,
I am due to start a new, internal role shortly.
A lot of people are telling me to cut away from my current role as soon as I am in the new role and only help the people who are taking over my current role, but I don’t want to feel unhelpful to my colleagues. I know the risk is that I will never “cut the cord” so to speak if I keep helping, so just wanted to see if anyone had any advice about this?
My new role is completely different to my current, if that helps.
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2021.10.16 17:39 JSmtb88 In search of the best downhill in Marin! Willow Camp & Tenderfoot

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2021.10.16 17:39 Ahilia Just my babies, Stevie and Henry, sleeping

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2021.10.16 17:39 rebellionjan ANIME MEMES V2!!!

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2021.10.16 17:39 Kr4t0 I finally did it.

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2021.10.16 17:39 kpblm_info Deluxe Panorama Apartment, Kiev

Deluxe Panorama Apartment, Kiev Deluxe Panorama Apartment, Kiev https://deluxe-panorama-apartment.kpblm.info/en Situated in Kiev, 11 km from St. Cyril's Monastery, Deluxe Panorama Apartment features accommodation with a terrace, free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, and room service. VULYTSYA VERKHOVYNNA 35-140, Kiev, 04075, Ukraine
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2021.10.16 17:39 youknowwho8502 Wondering if Tim Allen is I'm the photo at the center of this

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2021.10.16 17:39 OneDayAtATime_22 Any recommendations for punt strategy with Michael porter?

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2021.10.16 17:39 Elbow-Rocket Yes please

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2021.10.16 17:39 Fapalot101 Why does Owlcat keep doing this

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2021.10.16 17:39 phoenixgrrrrl Jamaican x Irish

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2021.10.16 17:39 IamRoadman13 View nycce.mp3 on Dropbay

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2021.10.16 17:39 TMKI Game Thread: Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-2) vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-4)

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2021.10.16 17:39 Danwho87 I only bought one of each, but this is what Safeway had at 3am.

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2021.10.16 17:39 rebellionjan ANIME MEMES V2!!!

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2021.10.16 17:39 Keanu_Weebz As if Cav wasn't scary enough...

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2021.10.16 17:39 powerstone86 Xeno crisis hidden backer menu

I was wondering if anyone knew the code to get the hidden menu in xeno crisis on dreamcast. I can't find it anywhere on the internet.
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2021.10.16 17:39 OnlyfansMegaGuy Dm for full updated mega

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2021.10.16 17:39 Mortimer_Waffleton Rate how good/bad of a job the pruners did.

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2021.10.16 17:39 allmysystemsrnervous Steps To Becoming A Mermaid!!! By My Mom

Hello Internet! I'm 11 and my mom doesn’t know I have this account. My name is Maya and I have the bestest mom in the world. Seriously. She makes me pancakes literally every morning and drives me to school and she loves me a lot. She also gives me a lot of snacks which are yum. She also says that the both of us are MERMAIDS! Can you believe that?!?! :D
My mom says that, in order to become a full mermaid, there are certain steps. The first step is to really, really believe that mermaids exist and that we are mermaids. I believe. I totally believe. Obviously, we’re mermaids. We’ve gotta be—mom can hold her breath real long under the water, whether it be in the ocean or in the bathtub! (That’s the second step, by the way—learning to hold your breath and breathe underwater too). She’s been trying to teach me to breathe long underwater too—sometimes I don’t wanna though, so she holds my head down in the bathtub till I either hold my breath for a long time or I try to breathe underwater and then she pulls me back up and hugs me and says she’s just trying to make me the best mermaid daughter ever, which is true! She’s doing her best to make me a good mermaid.
The next step is to stop eating food. No, not completely, duh. The trick is to replace regular food with seafood. Y’know, stuff like shrimp, seaweed, lobster, sushi, octopus, things like that! Obviously, drinking water is a given. Mom still makes pancakes in the morning because she loves me that much, but other than that we’ve been drinking water and eating mostly seafood, which is okay but I prefer things like pancakes and bread. Mom says there’s no bread in the ocean unless humans throw it in, so I guess I’ll just need to wait for a kind human to throw some bread in. I don’t even care if it’s crumbs. I just love bread, so…
Anyway! Onto the next step. It’s… a little dangerous. But it’s worth it, my mom says. The next step is to break both legs, then tape them together so they’ll fuse into a tail. I was trying to do it tonight because I was really excited but I’m a weakling and I started crying and my mom had to come in and hug me and say it’s okay and that we’ll be mermaids soon and to not try to do it myself because she can do it for me when the time comes. Isn’t she great? She said she’s making me chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow!!! Those are my favorite. I love her so much.
The final step is to go to the ocean (you break your legs there, either on shore or in the water, but on shore is better so you can bind and the duct tape won’t get soggy), then once you’re in the ocean, just let go and let yourself go under the water. It’ll get dark but she said not to worry about that. Once it gets dark fully is when you’ll open your eyes again and you’ll have a tail and be a mermaid finally! You can eat seafood and fish and water and breathe underwater too.
She said she’s gonna break and bind my legs first, then hers, then we’ll crawl in and go in deep. I asked her when it’ll be because I’m so excited. Did I mention she’s making me chocolate chip pancakes? Anyway, she's taking me to the ocean tomorrow night to help both of us become mermaids. I'm so excited. :D
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2021.10.16 17:39 turrrtel thank you grave man

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2021.10.16 17:39 AInvader Crazy position. Black has just one weird move to keep the advantage and defend.

Crazy position. Black has just one weird move to keep the advantage and defend.
17. Bxf5
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2021.10.16 17:39 Cazaputas42XD LA MAMITA DEL CESAR YIAAAAA

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