He's The Worst For Whoever Has To Fight Him

2021.10.16 16:17 Square_Peanut6554 He's The Worst For Whoever Has To Fight Him

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2021.10.16 16:17 NewsElfForEnterprise A first look at TSMC's giant 5-nanometer chip fab being built outside Phoenix

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2021.10.16 16:17 Illustrious-End-6218 https://t.me/joinchat/6571eBxPznM2MWIy

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2021.10.16 16:17 Awesome_Mods Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered - Photorealistic Mods Part 2

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2021.10.16 16:17 pechaybananun Yaoi_IRL

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2021.10.16 16:17 InterestingTream exploring underwater

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2021.10.16 16:17 mschingis23 Almost positive this is in the wrong subreddit but r/cycling doesn't allow image posts. I'm looking for what the piece at the end of this rod is called and if most cycling shops sell it? Looking for a spare or 2. Afraid I'll lose it one day and won't be able to attach my front tire. Thanks!

Almost positive this is in the wrong subreddit but cycling doesn't allow image posts. I'm looking for what the piece at the end of this rod is called and if most cycling shops sell it? Looking for a spare or 2. Afraid I'll lose it one day and won't be able to attach my front tire. Thanks! submitted by mschingis23 to bikecommuting [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 16:17 bsfordubai Hey, who here has a background regarding EMREE exam (Emirates medical residency exam) ?

I know this may not be the right place to ask this question but I honestly don't know where else to look for people to ask my questions about EMREE.
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2021.10.16 16:17 Guz_z_ [FOR HIRE] Accepting commissions (character/monster Art)

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2021.10.16 16:17 James2452010 Black hazmat suit

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2021.10.16 16:17 GENIUSBRANDSINSIDER Producer: Casey Simpson

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2021.10.16 16:17 TheWarz0ne [OC] There’s always that one ghost

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2021.10.16 16:17 CapnCLown Game audio need help

I recently got a new headset and I want the game audio to go through my headset which is plugged in through usb because monitor audio has static, voice chat works fine I just need to have game audio go through the headset and not monitor audio
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2021.10.16 16:17 ZoolShop Twitch "confident" passwords weren't exposed in leak

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2021.10.16 16:17 TransportationNew86 Setting up ready for the fairy gym, gonna go and grind everyone up to the level cap and evolve Dartog. Plan for the minute is to lead with Thumper and set Stealth Rock, then follow up with Toxic & Venoshock/Poison Jab. Switching between physical and special attackers as needed.

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2021.10.16 16:17 Charis-leslie- No bras allowed while painting, house rule ;)

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2021.10.16 16:17 greyfalcon333 🤪

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2021.10.16 16:17 InevitableHaunting90 What is a song you fucking hate so much even if it’s good?

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2021.10.16 16:17 House_Great IWFTR

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2021.10.16 16:17 Infinite_Distance5 Examples of any phone holder ads?

I recently seen one in 2020, it shows many phone holders pants for kids and it says, "Smart Device Sold Seperately." Are there any ads for that?
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2021.10.16 16:17 EgregoreDesign Apollo

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2021.10.16 16:17 FewerHorsesNBayonets Comment I made yesterday about there being more than two genders

Yesterday I actually took time to make a long reply to a person that was saying that there are only two genders. This is the first time I've really tried to give a real comprehensive answer to this topic, but by the time I had typed out the whole comment, the person had deleted the post. So, I wanted to share what I said here. Some things are directly in response to things the person was saying in their post, so they may seem a little out of place here. Also, I am not an expert on this, so I might say some things wrong or get details wrong, but this is what I've learned just from talking to people online and looking up information about transgendered people. So, here's the comment:
So, in order to actually start this conversation, we actually need to reach an understanding of what we mean by "gender". If we don't agree on what we mean by that, we'll just be talking past each other and get no where. Your post seems to be a response to people that say that there are more than two genders, so we need to look at what they mean when they say there are more than two genders. Otherwise, you're not really responding to what they mean, you're just making a semantics argument about what gender should mean (which I doubt is what you really want to do because that's not a very interesting conversation). So, what do people mean by "gender" when they say there's more than 2 genders? When they do that, they are making a distinction between gender and sex. "Sex" refers to how we separate people into groups based on their anatomy, their chromosomes, and their hormones. It is generally male (XY) or female (XX), but there are some individuals who don't neatly fit into either category (intersex people, XY people who have a vagina and breasts, X, XXY, etc.)--we'll get to more of that in a second. "Gender" refers to the social labels and roles that are attributed to people based on how their personality, behaviors, and other attributes fit into the traditionally gendered roles of masculinity and femininity. "Gender identity" is a person's internal perception of oneself and how it fits into a society's gender spectrum. A person's gender identity usually matches with the gender that is typically associated with their birth sex, but not always. They may identify with the gender typically associated with the opposite birth sex, or they may not identify with either "traditional" gender at all.
Now at this point, we should address why people separate the terms "gender" and "sex" so that they mean two different things. The reason this happened is because people (including a lot of scientists and psychologists) realized that there was two things going on here. One of the best ways to look at that is by looking at intersex people. You kind of dismissed them in someone else's reply, but they actually are a really good demonstration of this idea. There are many intersex people who it isn't easy to classify their sex into either being male or female. Yet, for many of them, when they interact with people and they identify themselves to others, they clearly demonstrate the personality, behaviors, and other identifiable features that we associate with either the male of female gender. They also have a strong internal feeling that they fit into either the male or the female gender. So, their sex isn't clearly male or female, but their gender is, meaning that what your physical attributes are (aka your sex) doesn't always match what you're internal feeling is and how it matches up with traditional gendered behaviors and attributes (aka your gender). There are many other ways to demonstrate this, but it's not like psychologists and scientists just randomly started using sex and gender to mean different things for no reason. They use them to mean different things because there are two clear things going on: your physical traits (aka sex) and your internal feelings about yourself and how they fit into societal roles (aka gender). These often match up, but sometimes they don't.
So, that's what people mean by gender when they are saying there are more than 2 genders. Now, are there actually more than 2 genders? I think when we establish that as our definition, there are quite obviously more than 2 genders, and gender is actually a spectrum. How people's behaviors, personalities, and thoughts fit into the traditional gendered roles is incredibly varied and individual for each person. This variation creates a spectrum of how a person can fit within those roles. Some people fit well into the traditional categories of "man" or "woman", while others do not. We call these people "non-binary" because they do not fit into the traditional genders of "man" or "woman". And we can't just base how we categorize them on what we see from them and how they interact with us and others because that's only looking at what they have chosen to share with the world. We cannot actually see their thoughts and emotions and see how they fit into the gender spectrum. And thus, we need to trust what they say their gender identity is because they can only know how they feel and what their brain is telling them about who they are.
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2021.10.16 16:17 DownbytheBay1121 Condo bedroom Dry but windows pooling water?

It’s coming up our third winter here and already the cotton mouth, itchy dry eyes, and stuffed nose are back EVERY night. Our condo bedroom feels soo dry. But, bedroom window is soaked with condensation.. it pools on the frame and even drips to puddles on the floor. It’s causing damage to the wood although I try and sop it up each morning.
What’s going on? What can we do?
Details: Our winters are primarily endless rain and about 6-11 degrees. We do have big blackout curtains up. I open them in the morning. Necessary as there’s a huge billboard sign lit up outside all night. Our 8 month old is also in bed with us, who needs the dark and is already struggling to breathe too with the dryness in her nose. It’s baseboard heating. The windows seem newer but again, the past few years already show water damage. We have a bathroom fan we can leave the door open and run but it makes the dryness worse, and doesn’t seem to help the condensation. I’ve considered a humidifier but don’t want to make the water pooling worse. We can’t leave all the doors open because we have a toddler who wakes early and his running will wake the baby, and baby cries at night so vice versa.
We’d love to stop the water damage and also sleep comfortably :/ is there any solution? Thank you!
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2021.10.16 16:17 Matty7787 R/Libertarian is officially dead

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2021.10.16 16:17 TheWarz0ne It’s just that easy

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